10 Facts about Lusaka

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Let me show you the details about the largest and capital city of Zambia on Facts about Lusaka. This city stands at the height of 4,196 feet or 1,279 m. It has been a home for 1.7 million people as of 2010. The urban population is occupied by 2.4 million people. In Southern Africa, Lusaka is included in the list of fast developing cities.

Facts about Lusaka 1: the importance of Lusaka

Lusaka earns an important status in Zambia. The center of government and commerce is located in the city.

Facts about Lusaka 2: transportation

The four major roads in Zambia are linked with Lusaka, which heads to the west, east, south and north.

Lusaka 1069

Lusaka 1069

Facts about Lusaka 3: language

The official language spoken by the people in Lusaka is English. The people also speak Bemba and Nyanja languages.

Facts about Lusaka 4: educational institution

The most notable educational institution in Zambia is located in Lusaka. It is called University of Zambia. The finest schools in the city include Rhodes Park School, American International School of Lusaka, Baobab College, Chinese International School and Italian International School.

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Facts about Lusaka 5: Rhodes Park School

If you think that Rhodes Park School is an international school, you are wrong. However, you can find Chinese, South African, Congolese, Nigerian and Angolan students here.

Facts about Lusaka

Facts about Lusaka

Facts about Lusaka 6: the attractions

Visiting Lusaka is not boring for it has a number of attractions to visit. You can come to Zambian National Assembly, Political Museum, Lusaka National Museum, Moore Pottery Factory, Munda Wanga Environmental Park, Lusaka Playhouse Theater, and Agricultural Society Showgrounds.

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Facts about Lusaka 7: the large shopping malls

The Manda Hill shopping mall with enclosed shops and Arcades shopping malls with open air stores are the two largest shopping malls in Lusaka.

Facts about Lusaka 8: the city center

If you are in the city center, your location is nearby Zinty Community Museum, Kamwala Market and New City Market. When you head to the east side, you can find the State House of Zambia. Cairo Road is considered as the primary point of interest in Lusaka where it features various types of businesses.



Facts about Lusaka 9: airport

Lusaka is served by Kenneth Kaunda International Airport. It is used by the military and civilians. The Zambian Air Force uses the Lusaka City Airport.

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Facts about Lusaka 10: sport infrastructure

Lusaka has amazing sport infrastructure for it hosted 2012 Zone VI Games.

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