10 Facts about Lusitania

Post On: March 30, 2017
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Look at the following Facts about Lusitania if you want to know the history of the British ocean liner.  Lusitania is famous in the world due to the major uproar of diplomacy for it was sunk by a German submarine during the First World War. The ship earned the title as the largest passenger ship for a brief period until it was surpassed by Mauretania, RMS Lusitania’s sister ship.

Facts about Lusitania 1: the first launch

In 1906, RMS Lusitania was launched for the first time by the Cunard Line. The ship has completed 202 trans-Atlantic crossings.

Facts about Lusitania 2: the competition

The competition in the ship world was fierce. The Curnard Line tried to surpass the record of German shipping line by improving the luxury, capacity and speed of the ship.

Facts about Lusitania

Facts about Lusitania

Facts about Lusitania 3: RMS Lusitania and Mauretania

The service speed of RMS Lusitania and Mauretania reached 29 miles per hour or 25 knots due to the revolutionary new turbine engines.

Facts about Lusitania 4: the prominent equipment

RMS Lusitania also featured prominent equipment such as electric lights, wireless telegraphs and lifts. Compared to any other ships, it had 50 percent more space for passengers.  Moreover, the furnishing was also luxurious.

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Facts about Lusitania 5: the journey

On May 1st 1915, RMS Lusitania tried to reach Britain by leaving New York. The Atlantic was intensified by the German submarine warfare at that time. The war zone declared by Germany included the seas located around UK.

Lusitania Interior

Lusitania Interior

Facts about Lusitania 6: The German embassy

A newspaper advertisement was issued by a German embassy in United States to warn the people not to travel with Lusitania.

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Facts about Lusitania 7: the sinking of Lusitania

Lusitania was torpedoed by a German U-boat on May 7 when the ship was in the war zone declared by Germany. It was located 18 kilometer or 11 miles from the southern Irish Coast.  The ship also had the second unexplained internal explosion. The death toll included 1,198 passengers and crew.

Facts about Lusitania 8: justification

Lusitania was torpedoed by Germans for they treated it as a naval vessel for it carried war munitions.



Facts about Lusitania 9: protest

The protest against Germany was conducted in United States for Lusitania carried 128 US citizens.

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Facts about Lusitania 10: the British

The British stated that Lusitania did not have any munitions on board. Thus, it was wrong for Germans to treat it as a naval vessel.

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