10 Facts about Lust

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Human beings bear various kinds of feeling. The intense desire in the body is explained on Facts about Lust. This feeling may take a number of forms. It can be the lust for power, lust for delicious food, lust for luxury things and lust for sex. The need for food is very different from lust for food.  The latter one is conducted when a person wants to fulfill their emotion of wanting a food or an object.  The lust is defined as the psychological force.

Facts about Lust 1: the male lust

The lust of unmarried males during the medieval era was fulfilled by the prostitutes according to Ruth Mazo Karras in her book, Common Women. The medieval prostitution was believed to have positive impact of decreasing the sexual frustration.

Facts about Lust 2: a common motif

If you have a big interest on literature and art, you will know that the prevalent motif is lust.

Facts about Lust

Facts about Lust

Facts about Lust 3: the writers

The notable writers depicted lust in literary works, were Prosper Mérimée, Casanova and Georges Bataille.

Facts about Lust 4: the most prominent work of lust in art

Can you tell me the most prominent work of lust in art? It seems that la Divina Commedia is the best example. It was created by Dante. Lust was seen an excessive love for others.

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Facts about Lust 5: the lustful in Inferno

Another famous work of Dante, which depicted the sin of lustful, is Inferno.  Due to their excessive passion toward others, the lustful were swept around in a whirlwind as their punishment.

Lust Facts

Lust Facts

Facts about Lust 6: the renowned lovers

Paolo and Francesca were the notable lovers punished because of their sinful lust.

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Facts about Lust 7: lust in philosophy

It is hard to define the connection of lust and love according to the field of philosophy.

Facts about Lust 8: sex and lust

The person is a sinful lust when they have sex only for pleasure. The specific attributes such as simple fornication, unnatural vice, rape, wet dream and adultery are used to define lust.



Facts about Lust 9: adultery

During the middle ages, adultery was mainly conducted as a form of lust. When a person was unfaithful to the spouse, they had adultery.

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Facts about Lust 10: Simple Fornication

Simple Fornication is conducted by unmarried couple. They have sex without the intention to produce an offspring.

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