10 Facts about Lutetium

Post On: March 31, 2017
By: Agustina

Do you like chemistry? It tells you various kinds of chemicals elements on the periodic table.  The element number 71 is lutetium. When it is kept in moist air, the element loses its ability to resist corrosion. Therefore, the people have to keep it in dry air. The symbol of lutetium is Lu. The silver white metal is rare on earth. Find out other interesting facts about lutetium below:

Facts about Lutetium 1: the position of lutetium

Have you checked the periodic table before?  Lutetium is placed in the lanthanide series as the final element.

Facts about Lutetium 2: discovery

Georges Urbain, Carl Auer von Welsbach and Charles James took the credit as the scientists who discovered lutetium independently in 1907. Urban was a French scientist. James was a chemist from United States. Welsbach was recognized as Austrian mineralogist.

Facts about Lutetium

Facts about Lutetium

Facts about Lutetium 3: mineral ytterbia

The mineral ytterbia was the source of lutetium discovered by the three researchers. At first, it was believed that ytterbium was the only element in the mineral.

Facts about Lutetium 4: the uses

Lutetium is not widely used. It only uses for specific purposes. The abundant one is Lutetium-176. This radioactive isotope accounts for 2.5 percent. It has been used to find out the meteorite age.

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Facts about Lutetium 5: other uses

Other uses of lutetium are as a catalyst for a number of chemical reactions and production of metal alloys.

Lutetium Pic

Lutetium Pic

Facts about Lutetium 6: the Brinell hardness

Compared to all lanthanide chemical elements, the highest Brinell hardness is owned by lutetium.

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Facts about Lutetium 7: the content of lutetium

Lutetium has the configuration of 4f145d16s2. It contains 71 electrons. The atom of this element is the smallest one of all lanthanide atoms.

Facts about Lutetium 8: the characteristics

Of all members of lanthanide element, lutetium has the highest hardness, melting point and density.



Facts about Lutetium 9: the production

As I have stated before, lutetium is included in list of rare elements on earth. The major mines of lutetium are located in China, Brazil, US, Australia, Sri Lanka and India. The global production of lutetium reaches 10 tonnes annually. If you think that lutetium is cheap, you are wrong. For a kilogram of lutetium, you have to pay US$10,000.

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Facts about Lutetium 10: precaution

Even though lutetium has low level of toxicity, the compound should be handled with care. It may cause skin irritation and explosion when heated.

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