10 Facts about Luther Burbank

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The life of the notorious American botanist is explained on Facts about Luther Burbank. He was born on 7 March 1849 and died on 11 April 1926.  In the science of agriculture, Burbank was known as a pioneer and horticulturist. His career spanned on 55 years until his death in 1926. There had been 800 strains and varieties of plants attributed to him. The Shasta daisy is one of the most successful works of Burbank. Check other interesting facts about Luther Burbank below:

Facts about Luther Burbank 1: the creation of Burbank

Burbank’s creation was applied to various kinds of plants such as vegetables, grasses, grains, flowers and fruits.

Facts about Luther Burbank 2: the development

The plumcot and a spineless cactus had been developed by Burbank. However, he did not create both of them.

Facts about Luther Burbank

Facts about Luther Burbank

Facts about Luther Burbank 3: the most notable works

The most notable works of Burbank included the white blackberry, Papaver californicum, “Wickson” plum, “Santa Rosa” plum, “July Elberta” peach and “Flaming Gold” nectarine. Edward J. Wickson’s name was used to call the Wickson plum.

Facts about Luther Burbank 4: Russet Burbank potato

Another celebrated work of Burbank is Russet Burbank potato. This potato was developed by Burbank. It has the russet colored skin. In the food-processing world, this potato is very popular. It has white flesh, large size and brown skin due to his natural genetic variant.

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Facts about Luther Burbank 5: the importance of Russet Burbank potato

Russet Burbank potato was very important. During the Irish Potato Famine, the devastating situation in Ireland was alleviated due to the potatoes of Burbank. They were resistant to blight.

Luther Burbank Birthplace

Luther Burbank Birthplace

Facts about Luther Burbank 6:  what is blight?

The blight was the primary cause of famine in Ireland for the potato crops were damaged by the disease. Since the Irish was dependent on potato for their primary diet, famine was unavoidable with lack of potatoes.

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Facts about Luther Burbank 7: the birthplace

The birthplace of Burbank was located in Lancaster, Massachusetts.

Facts about Luther Burbank 8: the early life

He went to Lancaster County Academy for his high school study. He was raised on a farm. He liked playing in the large garden of his mother during his childhood.

Luther Burbank

Luther Burbank

Facts about Luther Burbank 9: the Burbank Potato

The Burbank Potato was developed after the death of his father. He earned $150 by selling the rights of Burbank potato.

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Facts about Luther Burbank 10: McDonald’s French fries

Have you ever consumed McDonald’s French fries? Do you know that the Russet Burbank potatoes are used to create those French fries?

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