10 Facts about Luxor

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Facts about Luxor talk about the city in Upper Egypt. It was estimated that Luxor was a home for 487,896 people in 2010. It covers the area of 161 square miles or 416 sq km. Luxor is a favorite place for the people who want to learn about the ancient Egyptian culture and life. The ancient city of Thebes was located at this site.

Facts about Luxor 1: the modern city of Luxor

The modern city of Luxor is an important site for those who want to know the ruins of Luxor and Karnak temple complexes. The city is often called as the greatest open-air museum in the world due to the scattered ruins.

Facts about Luxor 2: other important features

Other important features to visit and enjoy are the Valley of the Queens and Valley of the Kings. Luxor is also a home for temples and monuments.

Luxor Facts

Luxor Facts

Facts about Luxor 3: the economy

The modern economy of Luxor is highly contributed from tourism. The city is visited by thousands of tourists from around the world. They want to view the monuments closely.

Facts about Luxor 4: the East Bank

If you are at the East Bank of Luxor, you will spot Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, Luxor International Airport, Luxor Museum, Winter Palace Hotel, and Mummification Museum.

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Facts about Luxor 5: the West Bank

The West Bank features various ancient findings and discoveries. You will Spot the memorial temple of Ramesses II and III. They are called The Ramesseum and Medinet Habu respectively. The memorial temple of Amenophis III is located in Colossi of Memnon. Others include Valley of the Queens, Valley of the Kings, Tombs of the Nobles, Deir el-Medina, Malkata and Deir el-Bahri.

Luxor Market

Luxor Market

Facts about Luxor 6: climate

Just like the other parts of Egypt, Luxor has the hot desert climate. The hottest days during the summer season are perceived in Luxor and Aswan. If you look at the list of the driest, sunniest and hottest cities in the world, Luxor is always a part of the list.

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Facts about Luxor 7: the average temperature

During the summer season, Luxor has the high temperature of 104 degrees F or 40 degrees C.

Facts about Luxor 8: economy

Tourism is the major source of economy in Luxor.  However, agriculture is retained here where some locals plant sugarcane.



Facts about Luxor 9: accident

There was an accident occurred in Luxor on 26th February 2013 where a hot air balloon crashed and killed 19 Asian and European tourists.

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Facts about Luxor 10: the taxi drivers

The taxi drivers will approach the passengers who have just arrived by ferry to transport them to the west bank.

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