10 Facts about Lydiard Park

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Look at Facts about Lydiard Park to inform us about the county part located at Lydiard Tregoze. The country park covers the area of 1.1 kilometer square or 260 acres. It is located near Junction 16 of M4.  From central Swindon, Wiltshire, England, it is located 6.4 kilometer or 4 miles to the west. The former formal name of the park was Lydiard Tregoze.

Facts about Lydiard Park 1: the owner

Since 1189, the Tregoze family was the owner of the park. Thus, it was called Lydiard Tregoze. The Domesday Book had cited the presence of Lydiard Park.

Facts about Lydiard Park 2: the royal license

Robert Tregoze was granted a royal license from Henry III in 1259 where Tregoze would be allowed to establish a deer park.

Facts about Lydiard Park

Facts about Lydiard Park

Facts about Lydiard Park 3: other owners

The Grandison family was the owner of Lydiard Park in 1300 until 1348. Then the Beauchamps owned it. St John family based at Battersea in London owned it in 1420 by marriage until the World War 2.

Facts about Lydiard Park 4: the park in 1942

The American forces functioned Lydiard Park as a military hospital since 1942. It was turned into a Prisoner of War hospital for German troops in 1943 until March 1946. It was called POW camp No. 160.

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Facts about Lydiard Park 5: Evelyn Berckman

Evelyn Berckman was an American author who wrote The Heir of Starvelings. The book was inspired from St John family whose fortunes were declined.

Lydiard Park Facts

Lydiard Park Facts

Facts about Lydiard Park 6: in 17th century

In 17th century, Lydiard Park had some changes where it also featured a canal and formal gardens added to the medieval house.

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Facts about Lydiard Park 7: the Palladian style

The Palladian style was applied on the east and south fronts of the medieval house in 1742-1743. In 1766, the park did not have any formal elements.

Facts about Lydiard Park 8: Swindon Corporation

In 1943, the house and park were purchased by Swindon Corporation. In 1955, it was opened for public after being restored.

Lydiard Park

Lydiard Park

Facts about Lydiard Park 9: the restoration project

The Heritage Lottery Fund provided Lydiard Park with £3m in 2005. The money would be used for restoration project.

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Facts about Lydiard Park 10: the house

Swindon Borough Council owns the house of Lydiard Park. The people can come to the house for it has been used as a museum.

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