10 Facts about Lying

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Look at Facts about Lying if you want to know an act, which can be found in our social life. When a person lies, he or she has the intention to deceive others. However, not all kinds of lies are bad. The white lie also occurs. It is used to define a lie for the good of someone. The term lying is defined as the practice for communicating lies to other people. The liar is a person who performs lying. Let us check other interesting facts about lying below:

Facts about Lying 1: negative act

Lying is always viewed as a negative act. Depending on the condition, lie may lead into criminal, religious, legal or even social sanctions.

Facts about Lying 2: the reliable methods

The reliable methods have been developed by the scientists to detect lies.  Therefore, they find the true statement from lies.

Facts about Lying

Facts about Lying

Facts about Lying 3: lie detector

The prominent tool used to detect lie is a lie detector.  The particular movement, cadence of speech, facial expression and consistency are used to detect lies.

Facts about Lying 4: the questions

If you want to find out the truth, you need to avoid vague questions.  You can learn the skill actually.

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Facts about Lying 5: the polygraph lie detector

The psychological stress endured by the subject is measured in polygraph lie detector. Lying is detected when there is a spike of stress.

Lying Facts

Lying Facts

Facts about Lying 6: the usage of polygraph lie detector

Even though polygraph lie detector is widely used in various fields, the result is still a matter of disputes.

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Facts about Lying 7: the truth serum

The truth serum was proposed by CIA in their MK-ULTRA project. However, it was complete failure.

Facts about Lying 8: longer explanation

Telling the truth takes shorter period than lying according to a current study. Thus, the subject may answer the question not too long or not too quick.



Facts about Lying 9: facial expression

Facial expression is often used to find out lies. The ForensicPsy and the Psy7Faces were developed by Dr. Freitas-Magalhaes to detect lies from the subject’s facial expression.

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Facts about Lying 10: the condemn of all lying

All kinds of lying are condemned by St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine. Both of them were prominent philosophers.

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