10 Facts about Lyme Regis

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Get Facts about Lyme Regis in the following post. This coastal town is situated in West Dorset, England. “The Pearl of Dorset” is the notable nickname of Lyme Regis. This town is a favorite tourist destination due to the Jurassic Coast.  It earns the status of World Heritage Site of UNESCO. The beaches and cliffs of Lyme Regis feature notable fossils.

Facts about Lyme Regis 1: “The Cobb”

“The Cobb” is the harbour wall. This famous wall has been featured in a number of popular literary works like John Fowles’ novel The French Lieutenant’s Woman and Jane Austen’s novel Persuasion.

Facts about Lyme Regis 2: Sir George Somers

Admiral Sir George Somers was a notable parliamentarian and major who had once lived in town.

Facts about Lyme Regis

Facts about Lyme Regis

Facts about Lyme Regis 3: the contribution of Sir George Somers

Somers Isles featured an English colonial settlement. People often call it Bermuda.  Bermuda located in St. George’s is often called as the twin city of Lyme Regis.

Facts about Lyme Regis 4: Historic Atlantic Triangle

Historic Atlantic Triangle is formed by Lyme Regis, Jamestown, Virginia and St George’s in July 2015.

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Facts about Lyme Regis 5: the population

The population of electoral ward and parish of Lyme Regis was 3,671 individuals according 2011 census. There were 2,431 dwellings and 1,770 households found in the town’s parish.

Lyme Regis Map

Lyme Regis Map

Facts about Lyme Regis 6: Mary Anning

Mary Anning was a notable person in Lyme Regis. Her burial ground was located in Lyme Regis. Geological Society of London had her commemorated through a stained-glass window. This organization began to accept women as its members since 1904.

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Facts about Lyme Regis 7: centenary of Bethany Chapel

In 2014, the centenary celebration of Bethany Chapel took place.  It is an independent Evangelical church.

Facts about Lyme Regis 8: the first record of harbor wall

A document dated back in 1328 contains the first record of the harbor wall of Lyme Regis or the Cobb.  It described on how the storms destroyed the wall.

Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis

Facts about Lyme Regis 9: the importance of the Cobb

The Cobb has vital contribution to the economy of the locals in 13th century onwards for the people could develop a shipbuilding center and a port by making an artificial harbor.

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Facts about Lyme Regis 10: shipbuilding

Shipbuilding was an important industry in Lyme Regis in 1780 until 1850. It had launched 100 ships.

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