10 Facts about Lymm

Post On: April 4, 2017
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The following Facts about Lymm will talk about the large village located in Warrington, Cheshire, England. In 1894 until 1974, Lymm earned the status as an urban district in Cheshire. It was a home for 12,350 people according to a census in 2011. There are a number of hamlets incorporated in the civil parish of Lymm. They include Church Green, Booths Hill, Reddish, Little Heatley, Hearley Heath, Heatley, Statham, Rushgreen and Deansgreen. Here are other facts to notice about Lymm:

Facts about Lymm 1: the population

Lymm is a home for 11,040 individuals. The female-to-male ratio in the village is 50.9 percent to 49.1 percent. The average age of the residents is 40.3 years old.

Facts about Lymm 2: the ethnicity

The white people account for 98.2 percent of the population in Lymm. The mixed ethnicities are represented by 0.7 percent. The black people account for 0.1 percent. The Asian people are 0.6 percent of the total population.

Facts about Lymm

Facts about Lymm

Facts about Lymm 3: the historic building

The historic building in Lymm is centered on the Lymm village center when it features a conservation area.

Facts about Lymm 4: the listed and unlisted ones

Not all historic buildings are listed. The unlisted one includes the former town hall, which has the French-style terracotta.

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Facts about Lymm 5: other important buildings

Lymm also features other important buildings such as Lymm Hall, Oughtrington Hall and Lodge, St Peter’s Church, and Lymm High School.

Lymm Map

Lymm Map

Facts about Lymm 6: Gothic Revival architecture

Lymm also features a famous Gothic Revival architecture spotted at St Peter Parish Church located in Oughtrington.

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Facts about Lymm 7: Lymm Cross

One of the listed buildings in Lymm is Lymm Cross. It is simply called ‘the Cross’. The structure is a Grade I. The impressive structure is overlooked with a 24-hour webcam.

Facts about Lymm 8: sport facilities

Lymm has a number of sport facilities. They are the Lymm Lawn Tennis for those who love to play tennis. If your hobby is playing golf, you may visit Lymm Golf Club.



Facts about Lymm 9: the Leigh family

Once, the Leigh family had an ancestral home of a cadet branch located on Oughtrington Hall. Now it serves as Lymm Oughtrington Park Cricket Club.

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Facts about Lymm 10: horse riding

Horse riding is very popular in England. If you are in Lymm, you can visit Burford Land Farm. It had a horse-riding venue.

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