10 Facts about Macarons

Post On: April 6, 2017
By: Agustina

If you want to know a popular cookie, check Facts about Macarons. Have you ever tasted Macarons before? It is defined as a sweet meringue-based confection. The primary ingredients to create Macarons include the flood coloring, ground almond, almond powder, granulated sugar, icing sugar, and egg white.  The butter cream, jam or ganache is used as the filling of the cookies.

Facts about Macarons 1: terminology

Talking about its terminology, macaron is taken from the Italian words of maccherone, maccarone or macarone. The meaning is meringue.

Facts about Macarons 2: the characteristics of Macarons

Macaroon is included as a type of confection. When you eat it, it will be melt inside the mouth due to the smooth texture. It has the ruffled circumference. The top is smooth.

Facts about Macarons

Facts about Macarons

Facts about Macarons 3: the traditional flavor

The traditional flavors of Macarons include matcha, foie grass, chocolate and raspberry.

Facts about Macarons 4: how to make Macarons

If you are interested to make Macarons at home, the two methods are available. You may apply the Italian or French method. The ground almond can be mixed in both methods. The American Macarons are available too to suit the public taste.

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Facts about Macarons 5: the modern flavors

Today, Macarons are not only made in traditional flavors. The modern flavors are available to attract the common people. You can have the strawberry cheesecake, peanut butter and jelly, mint chocolate chip, chocolate peanut butter, pumpkin, bacon, cinnamon, candy cane, pistachio and peach champagne flavors.



Facts about Macarons 6: Macarons d’Amiens

Macarons d’Amiens is the regional type created in Amiens.   Honey, fruit and almond paste are used as the base ingredients.

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Facts about Macarons 7: ‘Macaron Sisters’

Have you ever heard about ‘Macaron Sisters’?  They were Sisters Marguerite and Marie-Elisabeth who created Nancy macaron.

Facts about Macarons 8: in Korea

In Korea, Macarons are called “ma-ka-rong”. The green tea Macarons are made of green tea leaves and powder.



Facts about Macarons 9: the famous Macarons in Paris

If you are in Paris, you can enjoy the unique Macarons by visiting Ladurée chain of pastry shops.

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Facts about Macarons 10: the popularity

Macarons are very popular in the world. The McCafe outlets of McDonald’s sell Macarons. The Macaron Day in the world is celebrated on March 20th. La Maison Pierre Hermé launched the day in 2005. Then this celebration spreads around the world. The free sample maracon will be offered by many macaron shops and bakeries.

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