10 Facts about Macho Man

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Do you like watching wrestling show? You must know Macho Man. The following article will discuss Facts about Macho Man.  His real name is Randy Mario Poffo. He was born on 15 November 1952 and died on 20 May 2011.  He had wrestled for WWF or World Wrestling Federation. Today, it is called WWE. Then he was involved in WCW or World Championship wrestling.  This American professional wrestler is also recognized as a color commentator. Check other interesting facts about Macho Man below:

Facts about Macho Man 1: the record

Macho Man has amazing record in the history of wrestling. There is no need to wonder that he earned a spot in the list of greatest professional wrestlers in the history.

Facts about Macho Man 2: the unique signature style

Macho Man has a unique signature style. His voice is raspy and deep. When he entered the ring, “Pomp and Circumstance” was aired as the musical background. He also had flamboyant ring attire. “Oooh yeah!” is the signature catch phrase of Macho Man.

Facts about Macho Man

Facts about Macho Man

Facts about Macho Man 3: the manager

Do you know the manager of Macho Man? Miss Elizabeth Hulette was his manager. She is the real-life wife of Macho Man.

Facts about Macho Man 4: the wining title

Macho Man had his career as a wrestler for 32 years. He had won 32 titles. He was a four-time winner for WCW World Heavyweight Championship and a two-time winner for WWF World Heavyweight Championship.

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Facts about Macho Man 5: other titles

Macho Man also had other titles.  He won WCW World War 3 in 1995. Moreover, he earned the title as WWF King of the Ring in 1987.

Macho Man 1986

Macho Man 1986

Facts about Macho Man 6: the popularity

Macho Man was popular in 1980s and 1990s for he had great pay-per-view. He became the headlines in a number of wrestling shows such as SummerSlam shows and WrestleManias.

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Facts about Macho Man 7: Hall of Fame

Due to his contribution in wrestling, his name was inducted in WWE Hall of Fame in 2015 for the posthumous honor.

Facts about Macho Man 8: the birthplace and parents

Macho Man’s parents were Angelo and Judy Poffo. His birthplace was located in Columbus, Ohio. His father was recognized as a notable wrestler in 1950s and 1960s.

Macho Man Clothes

Macho Man Clothes

Facts about Macho Man 9: the younger brother

Lanny Poffo was the younger brother of Macho Man. He is also known as a professional wrestler.

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Facts about Macho Man 10: baseball

Before he was a wrestler, Macho Man had his career as a catcher at St. Louis Cardinals organization. Tampa Tarpons was the last club for him.

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