10 Facts about Macon Georgia

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You will get interesting information about a city in United States on Facts about Macon Georgia. The official name is Macon-Bibb County. People simply call it Macon. It is nicknamed as the Heart of Georgia due to its geographic-center location in the state of Georgia. From Atlanta, Macon is located 137 kilometer or 85 miles. According to an estimated report in 2014, Macon was a home for 153,691 people. In 2014, the metropolitan area was inhabited by 231,259 people.

Facts about Macon Georgia 1: Macon and Bibb County

Macon and Bibb County were incorporated after the approval from voters in a 2012 referendum. On 1 January 2014, the two governments were officially incorporated.

Facts about Macon Georgia 2: transportation

There are three interstate highways in Macon. You can access I-475, I-75 and I-16. If you want to reach the coastal Georgia and Savannah, you need to take the latter highway.

facts about Macon Georgia

facts about Macon Georgia

Facts about Macon Georgia 3: the points of interest

Macon is a not a boring city. It is a home to various points of interest. It has many tourism sites, museums and higher educational institutions.

Facts about Macon Georgia 4: airport

If you want to reach Macon, you can come here by reaching Herbert Smart Downtown Airport and Middle Georgia Regional Airport.

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Facts about Macon Georgia 5: Robert Reichert

Robert Reichert is the mayor of Macon. On 1 January 2014, he began the duties as a mayor for Macon-Bibb.

Macon Georgia Facts

Macon Georgia Facts

Facts about Macon Georgia 6: the personal income

The median income for the full time working females is $28,082. The males have $34,163. It has the per capita income of $17,010.

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Facts about Macon Georgia 7: shopping

If you want to go shopping, you can come to Eisenhower Crossing, Macon Mall, and The Shoppes at River Crossing. The Ingleside Village and downtown area also feature the traditional shopping centers.

Facts about Macon Georgia 8: the famous people

The famous people from Macon include Mike Mills, Otis Redding, Mark Heard, and Emmet Miller.

Macon Georgia

Macon Georgia

Facts about Macon Georgia 9: festivals

Various festivals are conducted in Macon Georgia. In mid-March, you will spot International Cherry Blossom Festival, which lasts for 10 days. In the last weekend of March, you can come to the downtown area to check Mulberry Street Festival. The celebration of African American culture takes place in April. It is called Pan African Festival.

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Facts about Macon Georgia 10: museums

Georgia is a home to a number of museums.  If you have kids and want to show them interactive education, visit Georgia Children’s Museum. Other museums are Allman Brothers Band Museum, Museum of Arts, Sciences, Planetarium, and Georgia Sports Hall of Fame.

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