10 Facts about Madagascar Rainforest

Post On: April 10, 2017
By: Agustina

If you are interested to know the wildlife and natural plants in the unique island in the world, look at Facts about Madagascar Rainforest.  Almost 80 to 90 percent of the animals and plants in rainforest of Madagacar are native to the island. They can be found on the eastern coast of Madagascar Island. This tropical moist broadleaf forest is also known as the Madagascar humid forests or Madagascar lowland forests. Due to the impressive and unique ecoregion, the forest is included in the list of Global 220 of outstanding ecoregions. Check other interesting facts about Madagascar rainforest below:

Facts about Madagascar Rainforest 1: the elevation

The forests sit at the elevation from the sea level to 2,600 feet or 800 metres. The animals and plants can be found living in mountainous central highlands and east coast of Madagascar.

Facts about Madagascar Rainforest 2: the area

The Madagascar rainforest covers the area of 43,500 square miles or 112,600 sq km.

Madagascar Rainforest

Madagascar Rainforest

Facts about Madagascar Rainforest 3: climate

When you are in the ecoregion of Madagascar rainforest, you can enjoy the humid and warm climate because of the oceanic trade winds.

Facts about Madagascar Rainforest 4: precipitation level

The precipitation level of Madagascar rainforest is more than 2,000 mm per year. The Masoala Peninsula may have the rainfall with the rate of 6,000 mm.

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Facts about Madagascar Rainforest 5: the lowland forest

The lowland forest of Madagascar spans from the north to the southeast edge of Madagascar Island. It can be found at the Anosyennes Mountains on the southern corner of the island.

Madagascar Rainforests

Madagascar Rainforests

Facts about Madagascar Rainforest 6: species

You can find the canopy on the Madagascar, which reaches the height of 98 feet or 30 metres. The endemic species accounts for 82 percent of all species, which live in the lowland Madagascar forests.

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Facts about Madagascar Rainforest 7: the canopy plants

The dense evergreen rainforests are occupied by the canopy plants like Tambourissa, Symphonia, Ocotea, Diospyros and Dalbergia. The plants, which reach the height above the canopy, include Brochoneura, Albizia and Canarium.

Facts about Madagascar Rainforest 8: diversity of species

The diversity of plants species occurs in Madagascar rainforest. It is a home for epiphytic orchid, bamboo, palm and Pandanus species.

Facts about Madagascar Rainforests

Facts about Madagascar Rainforest 9: the high elevation

The rainforest, which sits at the high elevation, has the denser undergrowth and shorter plants.

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Facts about Madagascar Rainforest 10: fauna

Some animals that you can find in Madagascar rainforest include lemurs, bats, rodents, rare-tailed Newtonian, and others.

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