10 Facts about Madara Uchiha

Post On: April 11, 2017
By: Agustina

If you want to know the legendary leader of Uchiha clan, check Facts about Madara Uchiha. Hashirama Senju and Uchiha are rivals. However, both establish Konohagakure. Their intention is to start the peace period. Both fight each other after the dispute related to the person who can control Konohagakure. Due to this dispute, Madara has to end up in death. Uchiha is hiding after rewriting his death. Before his actual death, he has noticed Obito Uchiha related to his plans and knowledge. Get other interesting facts about Madara Uchiha by reading the following post:

Facts about Madara Uchiha 1: the life of Uchiha

It is very surprising to know that Uchiha’s life is revived again. However, it only makes him realize his foiled plants.

Facts about Madara Uchiha 2: the early life

Tajima Uchiha is the father of Madara Uchiha. There are five sons in the family and Madara is the eldest one. He was born in the period of Warring States.

Facts about Madara Uchiha

Facts about Madara Uchiha

Facts about Madara Uchiha 3: the Senju

Who is the Senju? They are the rival of Uchiha’s family. During the life, the constant war occurs between the Senju and Uchiha family.

Facts about Madara Uchiha 4: the death of his brothers

Madara and Izuna, his younger brother survived, while three of his brothers die young. He and Izuna are close due to the same sense of loss.

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Facts about Madara Uchiha 5: the reputation

Madara earns a great reputation after he is capable for defeating the adult Senju. He has strong chakra.

Madara Uchiha Facts

Madara Uchiha Facts

Facts about Madara Uchiha 6: Hashirama

Hashirama is a boy with the same age of Madara. Both met during the downtime of Madara. Both of them did now share the family name. Madara only realized that Hashirama was a shinobi who had lost his brothers in the war.

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Facts about Madara Uchiha 7: the identities

Finally, Madara and Hashirama realize each other identities. Hashirama is a Senju, while Madara is an Uchiha. Both families have been rivals. Even though they are friends, they have the responsibility to kill each other.

Facts about Madara Uchiha 8: ending the friendship

The friendship of both ended. However, both meet in the battleship. Even though Madara earns a Mangekyō Sharingan, he cannot kill Hashirama. On the other hand, Hashirama cannot kill Madara since he considers him as a friend.

Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha

Facts about Madara Uchiha 9: the concept of peace

Even though Madara and Hashirama eventually forgive each other, both are in dispute again related to the concept of peace.

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Facts about Madara Uchiha 10: the future of Uchiha

Madara is concerned with the future of his Uchiha clan when Hashirama is appointed as the leader of Konoha.

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