10 Facts about Madea

Post On: April 12, 2017
By: Agustina

You will be informed with Facts about Madea in the below post.  This fictional character has the full name of Mabel Simmons. Tyler Perry played and created this character. This unique character is often described as a tough old black woman. She is often involved in a deadly situation. Since she is strong and tough, nothing beats her. She will try to beat the offending party by threatening with physical laws, physical violence, destruction of property and deadly weapons.

Facts about Madea 1: the personal trait

Due to her vindictive nature, she is often depicted with over-reactive ways.

Facts about Madea 2: in court

She has to face various court trials due to her overreactive behaviors. She has to spend some time in the prison, house arrest, and anger management classes.

Facts about Madea

Facts about Madea

Facts about Madea 3: the positive trait of Madea

Even though Madea repeatedly breaks the law, she still has the positive values. She is a nurturing person. Moreover, she always stands on the right path.

Facts about Madea 4: involvement

Madea will give instrument or even self-defense tips for those involved in a bad situation.  She cares for the well-being of teens and kids even though some of them were sassy and bratty.

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Facts about Madea 5: the pronunciation

Madea is a unique character. Her pronunciation is unusual.  One example of her unique pronunciation is “Heller, how ya dern?”

Madea Pic

Madea Pic

Facts about Madea 6: the inspiration of the character

The character Madea is inspired from Perry’s aunt, Perry’s mother and Nutty Professor by Eddie Murphy.

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Facts about Madea 7: the date of birth of Madea

Madea was born on 26th April 1935 in Greensburg, Louisiana. In I Can Do Bad All by Myself, her age was 68 years old. However, she was 75 in a play with the title Madea Goes to Jail.  It was found out that she returned to Atlanta after living in Cleveland, Ohio.

Facts about Madea 8: the place of living

Madea was not from a rich family. She had to live with her immediate family in poverty. During her childhood, her mother worked as a hooker. She was “Big Mabel” Murphy.



Facts about Madea 9: the early job

Madea was a former stripper according to the movies. The movies also indicated that she was prostitute. Magnitude and Delicious were her stage names.

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Facts about Madea 10: criminal record

She was charged with petty theft when she was 9 years old. When she was 18 years old, she was charged with illegal gambling.

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