10 Facts about Madeira

Post On: April 13, 2017
By: Agustina

You will be informed with a Portuguese archipelago located at the southwestern part of Portugal on Facts about Madeira. It is a home for 267,785 people according to the estimated population in 2011. The south coast of the main island features Funchal, the capital of Madeira. It receives the status as an autonomous region in Portugal. Madeira is located around 250 miles or 400 km from Canary Islands. A million of tourists visit Madeira annually for it is famous as a resort.

Facts about Madeira 1: the notable features about Madeira

Madeira is famous in the world due to the impressive cultural value, history, gastronomy, and wine.  Laural Forest is the amazing natural area in Madeira. It is a home to unique flora and fauna.

Facts about Madeira 2: New Year Celebration

Do you know that the largest firework show in the world is held by New Year Celebration of Madeira? In 2006, Guinness World Records recognized the title.

Madeira Facts

Madeira Facts

Facts about Madeira 3: the commercial harbor

The cruise liner docking of Portugal is located in the primary harbor of Funchal. There is no need to wonder that many cruisers from North Africa, Caribbean and Europe land here.

Facts about Madeira 4: climate

People like to visit Madeira for their holiday celebration due to the impressive Mediterranean climate. The Canary current and Gulf Stream heavily affect the local climate.

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Facts about Madeira 5: wildfires

Madeira had to struggle from the wildfires. Almost 95 percent of Fuchal Ecological Park was affected by the wildfires in August 2010.



Facts about Madeira 6: municipalities

Madeira consists of 11 municipalities. It covers the area of 296.5 square miles or 768.0 kilometer square.  Some of the municipalities are Câmara de Lobos, Funchal, Ponta do Sol and Machico.

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Facts about Madeira 7: the population

Most people in Madeira settle in the main island. The population density reaches 337 per kilometer square. Porto Santo Island is only occupied by 5,000 people.

Facts about Madeira 8: tourism

The economy of Madeira is also centered on tourism. It makes up 20 percent of Madeira’s GDP.

Facts about Madeira

Facts about Madeira

Facts about Madeira 9: visitors

The tourists who come to Madeira are mostly from European Union. The peak of tourists is in March and April. One of the attractive events when you are in the island is whale watching. You just have to reach the coastal area to spot the appearance of Sei whale, short-finned pilot whale, bottlenose dolphins and striped dolphins.

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Facts about Madeira 10: the local musical instrument

Cavaquinho, brinquinho, rajao and machete are some local musical instruments from Madeira.

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