10 Facts about Madison Pettis

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Facts about Madison Pettis will tell the readers about an American actor who was born on 22nd July 1998. Her full name is Madison Michelle Pettis. She is also known as a model and voice actress. She rose to prominence after taking the role in Cory in the House as Sophie Martinez. The comedy series was aired on Disney Channel.  She also took part in The Game Plan (2007) by taking the role as Peyton Kelly. Another comedy series of Pettis was Life with Boy (2011) where she portrayed Alli Brookes. Let us get other interesting facts about Madison Pettis below:

Facts about Madison Pettis 1: the birthplace of Pettis

The birthplace of Pettis was located in Arlington, Texas.  Her mother, Michelle Pettis has the Irish, French and Italian descent. Her father is African American named Steven Pettis.

Facts about Madison Pettis 2:  modeling

Pettis began her modeling career after her mother made to follow an annual cover search by a local parenting magazine of FortWorthChild.

Facts about Madison Pettis

Facts about Madison Pettis

Facts about Madison Pettis 3: the beginning of her career

She started her career in acting and modeling after the cover search. Since she was 5, Pettis has had an agent and website.

Facts about Madison Pettis 4: Bridget

Pettis portrayed Bridget on Barney & Friends in the early years of her career. She had to act, dance and sing.

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Facts about Madison Pettis 5: Love Pastry

Pettis had worked together with Cody Simpson and Alli Simpson when they became the models for Love Pastry.

Madison Pettis

Madison Pettis

Facts about Madison Pettis 6: Peyton Kelly

The Game Plan was released in the cinema in 2007. It was produced by Disney film, which marked the major role for Pettis. She shared screen with Dwayne Johnson. Pettis took the role as the long-lost daughter of a quarterback character played by Johnson.

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Facts about Madison Pettis 7: Free Style

Pettis also took part in Free Style released in 2008 where she became the sister of Corbin Bleu’s character.

Facts about Madison Pettis 8: a small role

Her minor roles were seen in A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa, Seven Pounds and Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who!.



Facts about Madison Pettis 9: a voice actor

Pettis are also a voice actor where she provides the voice in Special Agent Oso.

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Facts about Madison Pettis 10: a guest star

Pettis announced she would become a guest star in The Fosters on 19th October 2014.

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