10 Facts about Mafia

Post On: April 14, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Mafia tell the readers about an organized crime syndicate. Do you know the main activity of mafia?  They deal with the illegal transaction and agreements and protection racketeering. The secondary activities of mafia are centered on fraud, drug-trafficking, loan sharking and gambling. The original application of the term mafia was spotted for the first time in Sicily to call the Sicilian Mafia. Then other organizations, which apply the similar activities, were called under the same name such as the Japanese mafia and Russian mafia. Let us find out other interesting facts about mafia below:

Facts about Mafia 1: the informal name

The press and public  use the term mafia to call the organization informally. However, the organization actually has its own regional term.

Facts about Mafia 2: the regional terms

Bratva is a term used to call the Russian mafia groups. Yakuza is a term used to call the Japanese mafia. Cosa Nostra is a term to call the Italian-American mafia.

Facts about Mafia

Facts about Mafia

Facts about Mafia 3: the stand-alone term

When the term mafia is used alone, it usually refers to the Italian-American mafia or Sicilian mafia.  The term mafia is also used to call the organized crime in Italy, which may refer to Sacra Corona, Camorra and Ndrangheta.

Facts about Mafia 4: the formal definition

It is difficult to define the term mafia formally. The Sicilian crime organization likes to use the term Cosa Nostra than mafia.

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Facts about Mafia 5: Giovanni Falcone

In 1992, the Sicilian Mafia murdered an anti-mafia judge called Giovanni Falcone.

Mafia Facts

Mafia Facts

Facts about Mafia 6: protection racketeering

Protection racketeering is often associated with the main business of Sicilian mafia according to the scholars such as Leopoldo Franchetti and Diego Gambetta. They are paid to protect the business.

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Facts about Mafia 7: the businessmen in Sicily

The Sicilian mafia is often hired by many businessmen in Sicily to protect their assets from the robbers or thieves when the judiciary or police cannot do the job.

Facts about Mafia 8: the similar job and method

The similar job and method conducted by the mafia in Sicily is also spotted in other parts of the world like in Japan and Russia.



Facts about Mafia 9: the criminal gangs in Russia

The criminal gangs in Russia were often hired by the businessmen after of the collapse of Communism.

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Facts about Mafia 10: krysha

Krysha is the preferable term to call the criminal gangs in Russia, which provide protection. However, the foreign people call them Russian Mafia.

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