10 Facts about Maggi Hambling

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Let me tell you the interesting Facts about Maggi Hambling in the following post. Hambling was a contemporary painter and sculptor from Britain. She was born in Sudbury, Suffolk on October 23rd, 1945.  Have you ever heard about her name before? She is the creator of a sculpture of Oscar Wilde located in central London and Scallop. The steel sculpture with the height of 4 metres located on Aldeburgh beach is another famous work of Hambling. It is dedicated to honor Benjamin Britten. Here are other interesting facts about Maggi Hambling below:

Facts about Maggi Hambling 1: the reception

Even though Hambling is known as a prominent sculpture, her two most notable works have stirred controversy.

Facts about Maggi Hambling 2: the first study

Hambling attended Amberfield School in Nacton where her mentor was Yvonne Drewry. She also studied art under Lett Haines and Cedric Morris when she was enrolled at East Anglican School of Painting and Drawing.

Facts about Maggi Hambling

Facts about Maggi Hambling

Facts about Maggi Hambling 3: other education

In 1962 until 1964, Hambling attended Ipswich School of Art. In 1964 until 1967, she went to Camberwell. In 1969, she graduated from Salde School of Art.

Facts about Maggi Hambling 4: the first Artist in Residence

Hambling had created a series of portraits of Max Wall, the famous comedian. Then she was appointed by National Gallery, London as the first Artist in Residence in 1980.

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Facts about Maggi Hambling 5: teaching

Wimbledon School of Art had hired Hambling to teach the students.

maggi hambling Facts

maggi hambling Facts

Facts about Maggi Hambling 6: awards

Hambling and Patrick Caulfield earned Jerwood Painting Prize in 1995. Due to her contribution to painting, she was awarded with OBE in 1995. In 2010, she became the recipient of a CBE.

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Facts about Maggi Hambling 7: North Sea paintings

Since late 2002, Hambling focused on the North Sea paintings. In most of her portrait series, you will spot women as the primary subject. In 1985, National Portrait Gallery commissioned her to paint Professor Dorothy Hodgkin.

Facts about Maggi Hambling 8:  the public collections of Hambling

The public collections of Hambling have been featured in a number of galleries and museums in the world such as in the Victoria and Albert Museum, Scottish Gallery of Modern Art, British Museum, National Gallery and Tate Collection. She had a solo exhibition at Hermitage, St Petersburg in 2013.

Maggi Hambling

Maggi Hambling

Facts about Maggi Hambling 9: Tory Lawrence

Tory Lawrence was her fellow artist who became her partner for 33 years.

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Facts about Maggi Hambling 10: smoking

In 2004, Hambling stopped smoking. She also gave support to total ban on public smoking in London.

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