10 Facts about Magic Milk

Post On: April 15, 2017
By: Agustina

If you are parents and want to have creative game kids, why don’t you try Magic Milk? You can do this classic science experiment at home during the holiday seasons or weekends. This experiment is easy, safe and cheap. Kids will love to play with colors. Parents and kids can enjoy their time together. Some people consider magic milk as a good experiment for it allows the kids aged less than seven to have hands-on learning. Here are some interesting facts about Magic Milk:

Facts about Magic Milk 1: items in the kitchen

Magic Milk is easy to do since you just have to use all items that you already have had in the cooking room.

Facts about Magic Milk 2: supplies to prepare

Some supplies to prepare for Magic Milk include liquid food coloring, dish soap, milk, and a shallow container.

Facts about Magic Milk

Facts about Magic Milk

Facts about Magic Milk 3: the first step of experiment

The first thing that you need to do is cleaning the shallow container. Then pour the milk on it.

Facts about Magic Milk 4: food coloring

Magic Milk is a unique experiment for kids since it uses food coloring.  You just have to pour a drop of a food coloring in green, yellow, or red on the milk.

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Facts about Magic Milk 5: creativity

Creativity is needed when you do Magic Milk at home. Make it a fun activity by adding cookie cutters on it to create special look.

Magic Milk Facts

Magic Milk Facts

Facts about Magic Milk 6: soap

Your kids will love it much when they spot the chemical reaction between the soap and milk. The protein, minerals, vitamins and fats are the components of milk. The fats and proteins will be broken down when the milk is mixed with soap. The cool bursting of color will be spotted as you put the soap on the mixture.

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Facts about Magic Milk 7: inspiration

If you need inspiration of Magic Milk colors, you can check various images of Magic Milk on the internet.

Facts about Magic Milk 8: the colors

Milk has the white base. Thus, you need to mix it with food colorings.  You can buy yellow, red, blue, cream, black or even red food coloring.

Magic Milk Pic

Magic Milk Pic

Facts about Magic Milk 9: learning

Magic Milk is not only for fun activity with family. The parents can talk about colors when doing this activity at home.

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Facts about Magic Milk 10: forming a new color

You can teach the kids on how to form a new color by mixing two or more colors on the milk.

Are you impressed after reading facts about Magic Milk?