10 Facts about Magic

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If you want to know the street magic or art magic, check Facts about Magic.  If you think that it is similar with the ritual magic or paranormal magic, you are wrong. It is intended for art performance. The magicians will entertain the spectators with special illusions and tricks.  The performance of the magician amazes the audiences due to the impossible feats. The people use the term illusions, effects or magic tricks to call the feats. Let me show you other interesting facts about Magic below:

Facts about Magic 1: the term magic

The term magic is taken from the word mageia from Greek. Magosh was a term used to call a Persian priest. In Greek, they were called magoi. Mageia then was used to call the ritual act of the Persian priests.

Facts about Magic 2: magic tricks

In 1584, the magic tricks were explained on the book for the first time. Other books with similar content were published in 17th century.

Facts about Magic

Facts about Magic

Facts about Magic 3: entertainment

People like to watch magic performed by the magicians due to the impossible acts. It became a prevalent source of fair and entertainment in 18th century.

Facts about Magic 4: Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin

Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin was a leading figure who established modern entertainment magic. In 1845, he had a theatre in Paris used to perform magic.

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Facts about Magic 5: magic shows

The magic shows are common in 19th century where many people gathered to spot the entertainment.

Magic Pic

Magic Pic

Facts about Magic 6: TV shows

Magic became a TV show used as a form of entertainment. Sometimes, the magicians went on the street to show their magic tricks. It is aired on TV.

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Facts about Magic 7: the association

Do you know that not all magicians have positive image? Most of them are often linked with the occult and devil.

Facts about Magic 8: the types of magic tricks

Various magic tricks have been developed by the magicians. The common one is transforming a green handkerchief into a red one or even pulling and making rabbit disappear from a hat.



Facts about Magic 9: other illusions

Other illusions are escaping from a restricted place or destroying something and make it restored again.

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Facts about Magic 10: popular magicians

The popular magicians in 20th and 21st centuries include James Randi, Lance Burton and David Copperfield.

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