10 Facts about Magna Carta

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Facts about Magna Carta impress us with the information about a charter in England.  The official name is Magna Carta Libertatum. King John agreed to sign the charter on June 15th, 1215 at Runnymede, near Windsor, England. The name Magna Carta Libertatum is taken from Medieval Latin. It has the meaning of the Great Charter of the Liberties. At that time, King John was an unpopular king among the churches and barons. The peace between the king and his oppositions was made after the king signed the charter. You will get more details about Magna Carta by reading the following post:

Facts about Magna Carta 1: the draft

Archbishop of Canterbury created the first draft of Magna Carta.  It signified the peace between a group of rebel barons and the unpopular King John.

Facts about Magna Carta 2: the content of Magna Carta

Magna Carta contained a number of agreements. The barons would not be sent in prison. Moreover, the church rights would be protected.

Facts about Magna Carta

Facts about Magna Carta

Facts about Magna Carta 3: annulment

Annulment of Magna Carta occurred because both parties violated the agreements. It resulted to the First Barons’ Wars after Pope Innocent III annulled it.

Facts about Magna Carta 4: Henry III

Henry III was the young son of King John who became the regency government after his father’s death. In 1216, the document was reissued. The radical content in the document was eliminated.

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Facts about Magna Carta 5: the name

The name Magna Carta was selected to call the document when it was used as a part of peace treated in 1217 after the war. At that time, the smaller Charter of the Forest was also issued. The term Magna Charta was used to distinguish it with the smaller charter.

Magna Carta Pictures

Magna Carta Pictures

Facts about Magna Carta 6: reissuing the charter

Since Henry III wanted to grant new taxes, he reissued the charter again in 1225.

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Facts about Magna Carta 7: Edward I

Edward I was the son of Henry III who also reissued the document in 1297. At that time, Magna Charta became the statute law of England.

Facts about Magna Carta 8: the importance of Magna Carta

Magna Carta has the important status in the history of English monarchy. Each monarch in turn renewed Magna Carta.

Magna Carta

Magna Carta

Facts about Magna Carta 9: the modern view of Magna Carta

Magna Carta symbolizes liberty according to the modern point of view.

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Facts about Magna Carta 10: the original Magna Carta

British Library and the cathedrals of Lincoln and Salisbury hold the four exemplifications of Magna Carta written in 1215. Australia and United States have the copies of Magna Carter of 1297.

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