10 Facts about Magnetite

Post On: April 18, 2017
By: Agustina

Find the details about a mineral on Facts about Magnetite. Fe3O4 is the chemical formula of magnetite. You can turn magnetite into a permanent magnet if it has been magnetized before.   A magnet may attract magnetite due to its ferromagnetic characteristic. Lodestone is the naturally magnetized pieces of magnetite. The property of magnetism was discovered by the ancient people for the first time due to iron attractions toward lodestone. Let us check other important facts about magnetite below:

Facts about Magnetite 1: the rocks

The rocks, which contain small grains of magnetite, are the metamorphic and igneous rocks.

Facts about Magnetite 2: the hardness

The hardness of magnetite is around to 5 to 6 according to a Mohs scale.

Facts about Magnetite

Facts about Magnetite

Facts about Magnetite 3: the color

Magnetite has the black streak and metallic luster. The color is ranging from brownish-black to black.

Facts about Magnetite 4: the presence of magnetite

The presence of magnetite is spotted in both sedimentary rocks and ingenious rocks. There is no need to wonder that magnetofossils, dentrital grains, and sediments in the marine water and lake contain magnetite.

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Facts about Magnetite 5: understanding magnetite

If you want to know more about the formation of rocks, you need to understand magnetite. Hematite is produced through the reaction between oxygen and magnetite. A buffer then will be formed by the mineral pair. The oxidation of magma can be calculated by understanding the compositions of mineral pairs.

Magnetite Facts

Magnetite Facts

Facts about Magnetite 6: magnetic compass

The first form of magnetic compass was created from lodestone. In paleomagnetism, magnetite obtains an important status for its magnetic characteristic.

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Facts about Magnetite 7: the magnetic field of earth

The magnetic field of earth has been studied by the scientists over the course of history. One way to study it is by relating magnetite with other minerals like ulvospinel, hematite and ilmenite.

Facts about Magnetite 8: where to find magnetite

The beach sand often contains a large amount of magnetite.  The iron sands and mineral sands, which contain magnetite, can be found in West coast of North Island in New Zealand, California US and Lung Kwu Tan in Hong Kong.

Magnetite Pictures

Magnetite Pictures

Facts about Magnetite 9: the deposits

Atacama region of Chile, Adirondack region of New York, and Valentines region of Uruguay contain the high amount of magnetite deposits.

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Facts about Magnetite 10: the uses of magnetite

In 1930s, the magnetic acetate tape was used in the audio recording process.

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