10 Facts about Magnifying Glass

Post On: April 18, 2017
By: Agustina

One of the impressive tools, which can magnify an image of an object, is explained on Facts about Magnifying Glass. In the laboratory context, the tool is called a hand lens. It has a handle and a frame. The latter one will be attached with lens. Do you know that you start a fire by using a magnifying glass?  You just have to concentrate it into the radiation of the sun. You will get more information about a magnifying glass by reading the following post below:

Facts about Magnifying Glass 1: a notable icon

Magnifying glass is considered as a notable icon in detective fiction.   The famous work of Sir Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes is always associated with a magnifying glass.

Facts about Magnifying Glass 2: a joke

A joke about a magnifying glass was traced back in 424 BC in The Clouds by Aristophanes.

Magnifying Glass Pic

Magnifying Glass Pic

Facts about Magnifying Glass 3: Pliny the Elder

The wounds were cauterized by using a glass globe filled with water based on the lens made of Pliny the Elder.

Facts about Magnifying Glass 4: the properties

In 13th century, the properties of magnifying glass were described by Roger Bacon in England. In 13th century, the development of eyeglasses occurred in Italy.

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Facts about Magnifying Glass 5: magnification

There are two primary factors, which determine the magnification of a magnifying glass. The first one is the distance between the object and eyes of users. The second one is the location of a magnifying glass relative to the object and eyes of users.

Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glass

Facts about Magnifying Glass 6: magnifying power

When we talk about a magnifying glass, we should never forget about a magnifying power.  The power is determined according to the ratio of image sizes when the users apply and do not apply the lens.

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Facts about Magnifying Glass 7: the near point

The near point is varied depending on the users’ age.  When the users do not use the lens, they will bring the object as close as possible to avoid blurs. That is the near point.

Facts about Magnifying Glass 8: kids and an elderly person

The near point of an elderly person can be around 1-2 m. On the other hand, a young child may have the near point of 5 cm.

Facts about Magnifying Glass

Facts about Magnifying Glass

Facts about Magnifying Glass 9: the standard value

The standard value of a magnifying glass is 0.25 m.

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Facts about Magnifying Glass 10: the highest magnifying power

You can get the best focus and highest magnifying power by putting the lens closer to the eyes. The lens and eyes should be moved together.

Are you well informed after reading facts about magnifying glass?