10 Facts about Maiden Castle

Post On: April 20, 2017
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Maiden Castle is a famous building dated back during the Iron Age. The location of Maiden Castle is on a hill of Dorset, England. The hill site was used to grow crops during the Bronze Age in 1800 BC before it was neglected. The human activity in the area was proved by bank barrow and causewayed enclosure. In 600 BC, the castle was established. It covered the area of 16 acres or 6.4 hectares. The site was not extraordinary due to the simple phase of construction. Let us check other interesting facts about Maiden Castle below:

Facts about Maiden Castle 1: the expansion

The major expansion took place in 450 BC. The size of the site was tripled into 47 acres or 19 hectares. Thus, it earned the title as the largest hill fort in Great Britain.

Facts about Maiden Castle 2: the complexity

Maiden Castle appeared as a complex castle when ditches and rampant were added.

Facts about Maiden Castle

Facts about Maiden Castle

Facts about Maiden Castle 3: the human settlement

The human settlement was centered at the eastern part of the site around 100 BC. The hill fort had declined human habitation.

Facts about Maiden Castle 4: the Roman period

During the Roman period, Maiden Castle was inhabited by a Celtic tribe. The building was neglected during the first century AD when Britain was conquered by Romans. It features ancillary buildings and a temple in the fourth century AD.

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Facts about Maiden Castle 5: the medieval period

During the medieval period, the hilltop of Maiden Castle was mainly used for growing crops and agriculture in the sixth century AD.

Maiden Castle Pic

Maiden Castle Pic

Facts about Maiden Castle 6: inspiration

Maiden Castle is important in the field of literature. The famous authors and composer had been inspired by Maiden Castle. They include John Cowper Powys, Thomas Hardy and John Ireland.

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Facts about Maiden Castle 7: Augustus Pitt Rivers

Augustus Pitt Rivers was the notable archaeologist who increased the popularity of Maiden Castle in 19th century. Thus, the people like to study about the hill forts.

Facts about Maiden Castle 8: the first archaeological excavations

The first archaeological excavations in the hill fort were conducted by Mortimer Wheeler and Tessa Verney Wheeler in 1930s.

Maiden Castle

Maiden Castle

Facts about Maiden Castle 9: Niall Sharples

Niall Sharples was an archaeologist who gave more understanding on the site with his further excavation at Maiden Castle.

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Facts about Maiden Castle 10: the status

English Heritage has the responsibility to care and maintain Maiden Castle. It has the status as a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

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