10 Facts about Maize

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Facts about Maize will tell you about the corn. The native people of Southern Mexico planted and domesticated this large grain around 10,000 years ago. Many people in the world consider maize as their staple food. The total production of maize surpasses the production of rice or wheat. However, maize is not only consumed by human. It is also produced to create other maize products, animal feed and corn ethanol. The common products made from maize include corn syrup and cornstarch. Here are other interesting facts about maize:

Facts about Maize 1: the major types of corns

Can you mention the major types of corns? They are sweet corn, flour corn, flint corn, dent corn, and pop corn.

Facts about Maize 2: the planting

The best planting time for maize is in the spring season. Maize cannot tolerate coolness. The soil moisture is very important so that the maize plant can grow well.

Facts about Maize

Facts about Maize

Facts about Maize 3: the Native Americans

Maize was included in the Three Sisters. The Native Americans would like to plant it on the hills. The three sisters include squashes, beans and maize.

Facts about Maize 4: the techniques to plant maize

The Native Americans who live in the reservations still apply the hill technique. However, the modern technique has been developed by planting maize in rows.

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Facts about Maize 5: the commercial and traditional planting technique

A planter will be used to plant maize for the commercial production.  A hoe is still applied for those who choose the traditional technique.

Maize Facts

Maize Facts

Facts about Maize 6: a two-crop rotation

A two crop rotation is applied in North America. The hybrid ones are the most common varieties of maize grown in Canada and United States.

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Facts about Maize 7: harvesting

Manual labor is conducted when harvesting the maize in the 20th century. The people would grazed the stover and handpick the ears of maize.

Facts about Maize 8: the production

The most production of maize in the world is taken by United States. Then it is followed by China, Brazil and Argentina.

Maize Pic

Maize Pic

Facts about Maize 9: Mexican food

There are a number of Mexican goods from maize such as tostadas, tortillas, atole, tamales, chilaquiles and tacos.

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Facts about Maize 10: the importance of maize in Africa

Maize is very important in Africa. In 16th century, it was introduced to Africa.

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