10 Facts about Makemake

Post On: April 23, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Makemake tell the readers about a dwarf planet. Compared to Pluto, Makemake is two-thirds bigger. In Kuiper belt, it is the largest object. S/2015 is the only known satellite of Makemake. The scientists believe that ethane, methane and nitrogen ices cover the surface of Makemake because it has a very low temperature at −243.2 degrees Celsius. Here are other interesting facts about Makemake to notice:

Facts about Makemake 1: discovery

Michael E. Brown was the leader of a team of scientists who discovered Makemake on 31st March 2005. The announcement of the Makemake’s discovery went public on 29th July 2005.

Facts about Makemake 2: the initial name

Makemake was called 2005 FY9 at first. Then it was renamed into a minor-planet number 136472.

Facts about Makemake

Facts about Makemake

Facts about Makemake 3: as a dwarf planet

In July 2008, IAU or International Astronomical Union gave Makemake the status as a dwarf planet. The word Makemake is taken from the mythology of the indigenous people of Easter Island, Rapa Nui people.

Facts about Makemake 4: delayed announcement

Even though the team had already discovered the dwarf planet in 2005, the announcement was delayed because they wanted to have full calculation and observation on the object.

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Facts about Makemake 5: discoveries

The team announced the discoveries of Makemake and Eris on the same day. Actually, Haumea was also tracked by the team. However, it was not announced at that date. A different team in Spain had already announced Haumea on 27th July 2005.

Makemake Facts

Makemake Facts

Facts about Makemake 6: the detection

Actually, Makemake is a large and relatively bright object. However, it escaped the detection due to the high orbital inclination.

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Facts about Makemake 7: the codename

“Easterbunny” was the codename of Makemake when it was traced by a team of scientists. When the discovery was made into public, it was called 2005 FY9.

Facts about Makemake 8: Easter

Makemake was discovered after Easter. Therefore, it was named after the mythology of Easter people to relate it with Easter Day.



Facts about Makemake 9: the orbital period

The orbital period of Makemake reaches almost 310 years.

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Facts about Makemake 10: the color of Makemake

In the visible spectrum, Makemake has the red color just like Pluto.

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