10 Facts about Malcolm Tucker

Post On: April 26, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Malcolm Tucker inform us with the antihero or protagonist of The Thick of It. It was the political satire broadcasted by BBC. Peter Capaldi portrayed the character. Tucker is portrayed as a Director of Communications for the Government of the United Kingdom. The main character in this satire actually is Hugh Abbott. Tucker initially serves as the secondary character. The job of Tucker is watch over Abbot. Let us find out other interesting facts about Tucker by reading the following post below:

Facts about Malcolm Tucker 1: Hugh Abbot

Hugh Abbot was depicted by Chris Langham. Tucker became the primary role after Langham was fired from the show. Thus, Tucker receives more attention.

Facts about Malcolm Tucker 2: DSA and DoSaC

In the first and second series, Tucker had to deal with Department of Social Affairs (DSA). The name of the department is changed into DoSaC or Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship.

Facts about Malcolm Tucker

Facts about Malcolm Tucker

Facts about Malcolm Tucker 3: In the Loop

Have you ever watched In the Loop before?  Only four characters from the original series appeared in the movie. Tucker was one of them.

Facts about Malcolm Tucker 4: the personal life and background

It is hard to find out the personal life and background of Tucker for the information was not mentioned in the show. One thing for sure, he is Scottish.

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Facts about Malcolm Tucker 5: home life

We often used the word ambiguous to define the home life of Tucker. Over the courses of the show, the home life of Tucker was often contradictory.

Malcolm Tucker Facts

Malcolm Tucker Facts

Facts about Malcolm Tucker 6: the contradictory home life

Tucker has a niece in the special episode Spinner and Losers. However, he said that he had no friends or children in the fourth series. In his 50th birthday, he celebrated it alone at the office. However, his office walls featured the children’s drawings in other episodes.

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Facts about Malcolm Tucker 7: the character profile

At a certain occasion, Tucker was spotted wearing a wedding ring.  It was stated that Tucker split from his partner according to a character profile on The British Comedy Guide.

Facts about Malcolm Tucker 8: the personality

Tucker character is prominent due to his complex personality.

Malcolm Tucker Pic

Malcolm Tucker Pic

Facts about Malcolm Tucker 9: achieving his goals

He tried to achieve his goals by using regular threats of extreme violence, smears and rumors to make sure that the government would not be embarrassed.

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Facts about Malcolm Tucker 10: Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi earned the nomination for Best Comedy Performance-Make during the BAFTA awards in 2006, 2008 and 2013.

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