10 Facts about Male Body

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Facts about Male Body will tell the readers about the male anatomy of adult human being. There are two divisions of this study.  Both are the microscopic and gross anatomy.  The anatomy of male body defined by the unaided vision is called gross anatomy, which includes regional anatomy and topographical anatomy. On the other hand, the microscopic anatomic structures are studied under microscopic anatomy. It includes the study of cell and organization of tissues. Let us check other interesting facts about male body below:

Facts about Male Body 1: elements of human body

Phosphorus, calcium, carbon, oxygen and hydrogen are the primary elements found inside the human body.

Facts about Male Body 2: X chromosome

The father will contribute to the Y chromosome, while the mother will inherit the X chromosome on the males.

Male Body facts

Male Body facts

Facts about Male Body 3: the male fetus

The production of estrogen in male fetus is very low. On the other hand, it has higher amount of androgen production.

Facts about Male Body 4: physiological differences

The body of men and women are different due to the presence of relative amount of estrogen and androgen hormones.

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Facts about Male Body 5: the secondary sexual characteristics

The secondary sexual characteristics occur on male body due to the stimulated androgen production during puberty.

Male Body

Male Body

Facts about Male Body 6: the sexual dimorphism

Sexual dimorphism occurs in male and female. Both can be differentiated through the body structure, weight and height. In most cases, women are shorter than men are.

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Facts about Male Body 7: after puberty

After the puberty, male body is different due to the presence of secondary sexual characteristics, which include larger brain mass and volume, pubic hair, larger feet and hands, facial hair, higher muscle mass, taller posture, broader chest, larger shoulder, deeper voice and notable Adam’s apple.

Facts about Male Body 8: the proportion of man

The proportion of man is displayed by the famous painter, Leonardo da Vinci in his work Vitruvian Man.

Facts about Male Body

Facts about Male Body

Facts about Male Body 9: the sex of an individual

The genetic material will determine the type of sex of an individual. Male has the XY chromosomes.

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Facts about Male Body 10: the sexual reproduction

The sperm cells of males are produced inside the testis. On the other hand, females produce egg cells from the ovary. When the sperm meets the egg, fertilization will occur to generate the offspring.

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