10 Facts about Males

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Facts about Males talk about physiological sex, which generates sperm. During the process of fertilization, the sperm will fuse with ovum. The male human is capable to do reproduction if the sperm meets the ovum in sexual production.  Other organisms can do the sexual and asexual reproduction. The male is different from female due to the presence of Y chromosome. The male reproductive organs will be developed due to the presence of testosterone. Let us get other unique facts about males below:

Facts about Males 1: genetics

The genetics will define the male sex in human being. The environmental, social and other factors will determine the sexes in other organisms.

Facts about Males 2: the highest ratio of human male

The highest ratio of human male in the world was located in United Arab Emirates according to the report in 2012. Qatar took the second place.

Facts about Males

Facts about Males

Facts about Males 3: the prevalent symbol of male

The Mars symbol is used to represent the male sex. It is considered as the prevalent symbol of male. It is defined by having a circle with a northeast pointed arrow. In 1751, Carl Linnaeus applied the symbol to denote the male sex.

Facts about Males 4: the genes

Males get a Y chromosome from his father and an X chromosome from his mother.  The male fetus has low level of estrogen and high level of androgen.

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Facts about Males 5: puberty

When a male reaches puberty, the production of androgen is higher. Therefore, the males will develop the secondary sexual characteristics.



Facts about Males 6: sexual dimorphism

The male and female has sexual dimorphism seen on the body structure, weight and height. In most cases, women are shorter than men are.

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Facts about Males 7: the secondary sexual characteristics

The secondary sexual characteristics spotted on men include the broader chest and shoulder, more facial hair, more public hair, greater muscle mass, larger bone structure, larger skill, greater height and larger feet and hands.

Facts about Males 8: the reproductive system

The reproductive system of males includes vas deferens, penis, prostate glands and testicles.



Facts about Males 9: semen

Semen is produced by the males, which contains sperms. When the sperm and ovum meet, fertilization takes place.

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Facts about Males 10: testosterone

Testosterone is considered as the primary hormone of males. The development of penis and Wolffian ducts is encouraged because of this hormone.

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