10 Facts about Malibu

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You will be informed with a beach city located in Los Angeles, California on facts about Malibu. From the Downtown Los Angeles, it is 48 kilometers or 30 miles apart. In 1991, the Malibu Coast was included in Malibu City. It is famous in United States with its impressive Mediterranean climate. The residents who live in Malibu are from the top-notched classes.  Many people from the entertainment industries, A-list movie stars and prominent people live here.

Facts about Malibu 1: the population

The city was a home for 12,645 people according to a census in 2010.

Facts about Malibu 2: signs

“21 miles of scenic beauty” is the phrase found in the signs, which can be found in many parts of Malibu City.

Facts about Malibu

Facts about Malibu

Facts about Malibu 3: the residents

The residents of Malibu like to settle a mile away from the beaches. It makes them get closer with the natural scene.

Facts about Malibu 4: nickname

The locals and surfers like to call this city simply “the ‘Bu”. Malibu has a number of impressive beaches. They include Dan Blocker Beach, County Line, Point Dume Beach, Malibu Beach, Surfrider Beach, Topangan Beach and Zuma Beach.

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Facts about Malibu 5: Malibu Coast

Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach, Point Mugu State Park, and Malibu Creek State Park are located on the Malibu Coast.

Malibu Facts

Malibu Facts

Facts about Malibu 6: natural disaster

Malibu is prone to natural disasters contributed by the environmental elements such as the seasonal rainstorm, unstable terrain, dry climate and season dry Santa Ana winds.

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Facts about Malibu 7: wildfires

Malibu has been affected by a number of wildfires over the course of history. There were 13-burned house in Malibu Colony on 26 October 1929 because of this natural disaster.

Facts about Malibu 8: population

It was a home for 12,645 people based on the census in 2010. The white people account for 91.5 percent of the whole population. It has the population density of 637.7 people per sq mi.



Facts about Malibu 9: events and festivals

Many events and festivals are conducted in Malibu. The Malibu Chamber of Commerce holds Malibu Arts Festivals in July on the last weekend. During the Labor Day weekend, people can enjoy Malibu Chili Cookoff. Other impressive events include Polar Plunge, Malibu International Film Festival and Malibu Nautical Triathlon.

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Facts about Malibu 10: Malibu International Marathon

If you come to Malibu in November, you can spot Malibu International Marathon. In 2013, it began to hold a kids’ fun run.

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