10 Facts about Mall of America

Post On: May 2, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Mall of America talk about the shopping mall in Bloomington, Minnesota. Mall of America takes the record as the largest mall in the country by total floor area and number of stores. In 1992, the mall was opened. Triple Five Group is responsible for the management of the mall. More the 80 percent of the people who come to the mall are from Canada, Ohio, Illinois, Dakotas, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Facts about Mall of America 1: the gross area and retail space

The retail space occupies 230,000 meter square or 2,500,000 square feet. It has the gross area of 390,000 meter square or 4,870,000 square feet.

Facts about Mall of America 2: the shape of mall

The floor plan of Mall of America is rectangular. It has symmetric design. The corners feature four anchor department stores.

Facts about Mall of America

Facts about Mall of America

Facts about Mall of America 3: the pedestrian walkways

The pedestrian walkways are arranged in three levels, which contain more than 530 stores.

Facts about Mall of America 4: zone

Mall of America has four zones with unique decoration. It becomes as a luxurious mall after it has been restored in 2010 until 2015.  The series of restoration marked the first major expansion of Mall of America.

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Facts about Mall of America 5: the heated feature

The heated feature is only found in some below ground areas and entrances of the mall even though cold winters are prevalent in Minnesota. The central amusement park features the skylight, which allows heat to penetrate inside the mall. The people in the mall, electric devices and lightning fixtures also produce the heat.

Mall of America

Mall of America

Facts about Mall of America 6: comfort

The comfort in the mall is always considered as one of the primary services. During the peak hours, the air conditioning system is still applied.

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Facts about Mall of America 7: Level One

If you are in Level One of Mall of America, you will spot Apple Store, Nickelodeon Universe amusement park, American Girl Doll store, Hard Rock Cafe, Sea Life Minnesota, Microsoft store and Lego.

Facts about Mall of America 8: food

If you are hungry and want to taste delicious food, why do not your reach Level Three of Mall of America? It houses 20 fast food and full service restaurants.

Mall of America Image

Mall of America Image

Facts about Mall of America 9: Planet Hollywood

The fourth floor was occupied by Planet Hollywood during its heyday. In 2003, the famous restaurant was closed.

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Facts about Mall of America 10: the vacancy rate

The fourth floor has the vacancy rate of 41 percent after Jillian’s was bankrupt in 2004.

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