10 Facts about Mammoths

Post On: May 5, 2017
By: Agustina

You will be informed with an extinct species of genus Mammuthus on facts about mammoths. Their life was traced back around five million years ago during Pliocene epoch to 4,500 years ago during the Holocene. This animal was characterized by the presence of a curved and long tusk covered with long hair. Once, they lived in North America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Let us find out other interesting facts about mammoths below:

Facts about Mammoths 1: the family

Mammoths were included in the family Elephantidae. The ancestor of mammoths was the African mammoth, which had the biological name of M. Africanavus.

Facts about Mammoths 2: the African mammoth

The life of African mammoths was traced back around 3 to 4 million years ago in northern Africa before they vanished.

Facts about Mammoths

Facts about Mammoths

Facts about Mammoths 3: M. Meridionalis

M. meridionalis was known as the southern mammoths that lived in Eurasia after relocating from the north. The African mammoths were their ancestors.

Facts about Mammoths 4:  the distant relative

The only distant relative of mammoths was the mastodon. A number of localities are the sources of remains of mammoth species. The scientists may conduct the morphological studies to evolutionary history construction.

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Facts about Mammoths 5: the enamel ridges

The enamel ridges located in the molars are often used to identify the species of mammoths. Only few ridges were found on the primitive ones. The evolution of the new species of mammoths occurred when they had more ridges on the molars. The longer crown of teeth was also spotted on the new species.



Facts about Mammoths 6: the earliest known mammoth

One of the earliest known species of mammoths was M. Africanavus from North America. The scientists identified from its tooth.

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Facts about Mammoths 7: entering Europe

It was believed that mammoths arrived in Europe 3 million years ago. China and Europe were once occupied by M. Rumanus.

Facts about Mammoths 8: the clusters of European mammoths

There are three clusters of European mammoths. Mammuthus meridionalis was traced back in Early Pleistocene. Mammuthus trogontherii and Mammuthus primigenius lived in Middle Pleistocene and Late Pleistocene respectively.

Mammoths Facts

Mammoths Facts

Facts about Mammoths 9: evolutionary process

The evolutionary process of mammoth was deeply affected by migration, climate change and environment.

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Facts about Mammoths 10: the physical description

Mammoths were considered as very large animals. The weight might reach 8.8 short tons or 8 tonnes. The height at the shoulder was measured at 13.1 feet or 4 metres. The male mammoths usually had the weight more than 1.3 2 short tons or 12 tonnes.

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