10 Facts about Managing Stress

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Facts about Managing Stress will tell how to do stress management. The level of stress in a person can be controlled by using special techniques. If the stress is not well managed, it will turn into chronic stress, which will disrupt the everyday life of the person. The symptoms of stress are related to mental and physical health. Depression may occur along with the declined physical health on a stressful person. Check other interesting facts about managing stress below:

Facts about Managing Stress 1: the modern society

The modern society is always associated with high level of stress. One way to have a successful and happy life is by managing the level of stress.

Facts about Managing Stress 2: the positive impact

Stress management provides the positive impact for a person so that he or she can manage the overall health and anxiety.

Facts about Managing Stress

Facts about Managing Stress

Facts about Managing Stress 3: level of stress

In the past, it was hard to define the level of stress. Today, the experts have identified the ways or method to measure the stress level.

Facts about Managing Stress 4: the health professionals

If you are not capable for managing stress, you can ask a help from the health care professional with their reliable techniques.

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Facts about Managing Stress 5: psychotherapy

Psychotherapy accepts a number of methods, which have been developed to manage the level of stress. The stress management also has a number of models with a unique mechanism.

Managing Stress

Managing Stress

Facts about Managing Stress 6: the study of stress

The earlier study of stress is established by studying animals conducted by Walter Cannon and Hans Selye. The external pressure, which affects the animals, is responded physiologically. The pressures include the surgical procedures, heat, and cold.

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Facts about Managing Stress 7: the generalized models of stress

A number of stress models have been established by the experts. They include “Transactional Stress Model”, “Stress Model of Henry”, and ‚ÄúTheory of resource conservation and General Adaptation Syndrome”.

Facts about Managing Stress 8: the types of stressors

Employees often face stress in their workplace. The major stressors include unclear expectation, company policies, conflicts in companies, too much works, urgent deadlines, relationship conflicts, poor communication, lack of job security, inadequate payment, lack of cooperation, and uncomfortable physical conditions.

Managing Stress Pic

Managing Stress Pic

Facts about Managing Stress 9: how manage stress

Many ways are developed to manage stress such as having meditation, getting a hobby, reading novels, praying, and deep breathing.

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Facts about Managing Stress 10: physical exercise

Having physical exercise is also great to manage stress.

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