10 Facts about Manchuria Crisis

Post On: May 8, 2017
By: Agustina

Check Japanese invasion on northeastern China on Facts about Manchuria Crisis. At that time, the northeastern China was called Manchuria. In 1931, Japanese military invaded the area. The event is called Manchurian Incident, Mukden Incident or Manchuria Crisis. A small quantity of dynamite was detonated by Lt. Suemori Kawamoto on 18th September 1931 on a Japanese owned railway line located near Mukden.

Facts about Manchuria Crisis 1: the weak explosion

The dynamite exploded weakly that it was failed to destroy the train and track. Japan accused China related the incident.

Facts about Manchuria Crisis 2: the respond of Japan

Japan had a very strong respond even though it was only a weak explosion. Therefore, Manchuria was occupied by Japan after it had a dull invasion on it. Six months after the invasion, Manchuria was turned into Manchukuo, the Japanese puppet state.

the Manchurian Crisis Facts

the Manchurian Crisis Facts

Facts about Manchuria Crisis 3: diplomatic isolation

Due to the invasion, Japan was isolated from the international world. The invasion gained attention from the international public due to Lytton Report of 1932. Japan withdrew from League of Nations in March 1933.

Facts about Manchuria Crisis 4: the bombing act

Liutiaohu Incident is a term used to call the bombing act. On the other hand, Manchurian Incident is used to call the entire event. September 18 Incident is the term used in China.

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Facts about Manchuria Crisis 5:  the importance of Manchuria

Post Russo-Japanese War, Japan developed a strong interest with Manchuria in term of politics and economy.

the Manchurian Crisis

the Manchurian Crisis

Facts about Manchuria Crisis 6: Treaty of Portsmouth

The South Manchuria Railway Branch was leased by Japan due to the Treaty of Portsmouth. Japan believed that South Manchuria Railway Zone was under their exclusive and absolute administration.

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Facts about Manchuria Crisis 7: the trains and tracks

The trains and tracks in the zone were protected and secured by the Japanese railway guards.

Facts about Manchuria Crisis 8: the Chinese point of view

The Chinese believed that it was unfair for Japanese to stay on their land. They wanted to preserve the rights of the Chinese people. Chiang Kai-shek and Zhang Xueliang established a national leadership conference in Nanjing in April 1931. They had the similar point of view to restore the sovereignty of Manchuria.

Facts about the Manchurian Crisis

Facts about the Manchurian Crisis

Facts about Manchuria Crisis 9: controversy

Controversy still occurs until today related the person who triggered the explosion at railway zone of Japanese.

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Facts about Manchuria Crisis 10: the strong evidence

The strong evidences found out that Kwantung Army triggered the explosion.

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