10 Facts about Mandir

Post On: May 9, 2017
By: Agustina

You will get interesting details about a Hindu temple on Facts about Mandir.  The ideas and beliefs of Hinduism are reflected in this structure for it contains various symbols, which represent the relationship between human beings and gods. The Vedic traditions are considered as the root for Mandir.

Facts about Mandir 1: Hindu cosmos

The elements of Hindu cosmos are spotted in Mandir.  Karma, moksa, artha, Kama and dharma are the essences of life found in Mandir. It also contains the elements of human, evil and good.

Facts about Mandir 2: the principles

The principles come up in two major forms. The architecture is based on a number of ancient Sanskrits such as Vastu Sastras and Brhat Samhita. The ancient Sanskrit texts of India like Upanishads and Vedas are used as the spiritual principles of Mandir.

Facts about Mandir

Facts about Mandir

Facts about Mandir 3: the important elements

The beliefs, geometric symbolism and ancient rituals are reflected on the building process, plan, design, motif and layout of Mandir.

Facts about Mandir 4: the importance of Mandir

All Hindus in the world recognize the importance of Mandir for it serves as their spiritual destination.

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Facts about Mandir 5: styles

The styles of Mandir in the world are varied depending on the regional beliefs, deities, construction methods and locations. However, all of them share the same theme, value symbolism and ideas.

Mandir Temple

Mandir Temple

Facts about Mandir 6: location of Mandir

Mandir can be found in various parts of the world such as Nepal, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia. They are centered in Southeast Asian and South Asian countries. Other countries with a large number of Hindus also have Mandir. Therefore, this building is also spotted in North America, Europe, South Africa, Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Mauritius and Fiji.

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Facts about Mandir 7: the reflection of Mandir

Since 12th century, Hinduism and Islam were in conflict reflected from the design of Mandir. This building also reflects the designs, materials and arts, which evolve over the course of history.

Facts about Mandir 8: the largest Hindu temple

The largest Hindu temple in the world was inaugurated in 2014 in New York City Metropolitan Area. It is Swaminarayanan Akshardham in Robbinsville.



Facts about Mandir 9: as a venue

Some mandirs in the world have been used as a venue for commemorating childbirth, marriage, celebration arts and launching festivals.

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Facts about Mandir 10: the themes of Mandir

The home of the deity is located in a simple shelter called a house-themed temple. The monumental and ornate architecture is found on the palace themed temple.

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