10 Facts about Mandolin

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A musical instrument is explained on Facts about Mandolin. A pick or a plectrum will be used to pluck a mandolin. It is included in the lute family. The term mandolin is taken from Italian word of Mandolino. It means small mandola. The prevalent version of mandolin has eight strings. However, you can also find the mandolin with 12 or even 10 strings.  The mandobass, mandocello, octave mandolin and mandola are the soprano members of these perfect fifths. Find out more interesting facts about mandolin below:

Facts about Mandolin 1: the styles of mandolin

Mandolin comes in many styles and designs. The prevalent ones are the flat-backed mandolin, carved-top mandolin and round-backed mandolin.

Facts about Mandolin 2: the flat-backed mandolin

The strength inside the flat-backed mandolin is supported by the braces. The body features the thin sheets of wood.

Facts about Mandolin

Facts about Mandolin

Facts about Mandolin 3: the round-back mandolin

The strip of wood will be glued to create a bowl for a deep bottom in round-back mandolin. The arched top and arched back mandolin is spotted on the arched-top or carved mandolin design. It is shallower compared to the round-back mandolin.

Facts about Mandolin 4: musical style

Each style of mandolin is performed for a certain genre or musical style. The European traditional music and classical music often features the Neapolitan mandolins. The bluegrass music and American folk music often employ the carved top mandolins.

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Facts about Mandolin 5: the flat-backed mandolins

The Brazilian, British, and Irish folk music often employs the flat-backed instruments.

Mandolin Player

Mandolin Player

Facts about Mandolin 6: other varieties of mandolin

Mandolins also have other varieties. The Sicilian, Lombard and Milanese are tuned in the fourths. All of them are the six-string types. The Cremonese and Brescian are tuned in the fifths. They are the four-string models. The Genoese is the example of the 12-string model.

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Facts about Mandolin 7: the top part

The top part of mandolin is considered as an important piece. It is called the soundboard. Due to the usage of four courses of metal strings, the louder sound is produced by the modern mandolins.

Facts about Mandolin 8: the pressure

Since the metal strings put high level of pressure on the instrument, the modern soundboard should be able to withstand it.



Facts about Mandolin 9: the shape of soundboard

The prevalent shape of soundboard in a mandolin is in teardrop or even round shape.

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Facts about Mandolin 10:  the deep-bowled mandolin

In 19th century, it was common to spot the production of deep-bowled mandolins in Naples.

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