10 Facts about Manga Art

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Facts about Manga Art inform the readers with the Japanese comics. In the end of 19th century, Manga art was developed in the country. The Japanese language is used in all mangas. The history of Manga was traced back in the prehistoric Japanese art. The term manga has been used to call the cartoon and comics of Japan. On the other hand, manga is defined as the Japanese-published comics. Manga is a favorable comic for all kinds of readers with different ages. Kids, adults and elderly like to read manga.

Facts about Manga Art 1: Japanese publishing industry

Manga art plays an important role in the development of Japanese publishing industry. In 2007, manga accounted for a ¥406 billion market. In 2009, it made up a ¥420 billion market. It had steady economic growth.

Facts about Manga Art 2: genres

Manga has various genres, which embrace different kinds of readers. The genres include mystery, horror, historical drama, detective, comedy, business and commerce, action-adventure, sexuality, fantasy, romance, suspense horrors, games, sports, and science fiction.

Manga Art Pictures

Manga Art Pictures

Facts about Manga Art 3: the popularity of manga

Manga is not only popular in Japan, but also in many parts of the world. There is no need to wonder that it has been translated into various languages.

Facts about Manga Art 4: the market of manga

In 2012, manga has the market value of $250 million in Middle East and Europe. It represented the market value of $175 million in United States and Canada in 2008.

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Facts about Manga Art 5: the prints

The black-and-white prints are mostly found in Japanese manga. The colorful or full color manga are also available in the market.

Manga Art

Manga Art

Facts about Manga Art 6: the series

Manga is often published in a series in manga magazines. The next issue of the magazine will feature the next single episodes of manga series.

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Facts about Manga Art 7: the paperback books

The paperback books will be published if the series of manga in the magazine is very popular and successful.

Facts about Manga Art 8: a manga artist

In Japanese, people use the term mangaka to call a manga artist. He or she usually has some assistants. The manga will be transformed into an animated series if the series is very successful.

Manga Store

Manga Store

Facts about Manga Art 9: Comiket

The largest comic book convention in the world is Comiket.  It is visited by 500,000 people.

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Facts about Manga Art 10: the international influence

Manga art has influenced other comic artists in many parts of the world.

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