10 Facts about Manila

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You will be informed with the capital of the Philippines on Facts about Manila.  Miguel López de Legazpi was the Spanish conquistador who established Manila on June 24th, 1571. During the colonial period, Manila often serves as the seat of power.  There is no need to wonder that it is one of the oldest cities in the country. The location of Manila is at the eastern shore of Manila Bay. The landmarks in the city were mostly constructed in 16th century.

Facts about Manila 1: the first chartered city

On 31st July 1901, the Philippine Commission Act 183 was passed which granted the charter city for Manila.

Facts about Manila 2: autonomy

On 18th June 1949, Manila earned autonomy due to “Revised Charter of the City of Manila” or Republic Act No. 409.

Facts about Manila

Facts about Manila

Facts about Manila 3: a global city

Manila rose as a global city according to Globalization and World Cities Research Network in 2012.

Facts about Manila 4: the population

In 2015, 1,780,148 people lived in the city proper. The built-up area is the historic center of Manila.

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Facts about Manila 5: the term manila

The completely metropolitan area is used to refer to Manila, which includes the city proper or greater metropolitan. Metro Manila is a term to call the official metropolitan area. On the other hand, the Makati Central Business District and the larger Quezon City are included in the capital region of the nation.

Manila 1945

Manila 1945

Facts about Manila 6: the importance of Manila

Manila is an important city in Philippines and in Southeast Asia.  There is no need to wonder that many people like to settle in the city.

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Facts about Manila 7: the districts

There are 16 districts in Manila. Some of them include San Miguel, Binondo, Santa Ana, Malate, Sampaloc, and Santa Mesa.

Facts about Manila 8: climate

Manila has tropical savanna climate according Koppen climate classification system. All year around, people have to experience the high humidity.

Manila Facts

Manila Facts

Facts about Manila 9: the impressive architecture

The architecture in Manila is super impressive for it has a number of styles. You will spot Malay, Chinese, Spanish and American-influenced architecture.

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Facts about Manila 10: the notable architects

Tomás Mapúa, Juan M. Arellano, Felipe Roxas and Antonio Toledo are some of the notable Filipino architects who designed the buildings in Manila.

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