10 Facts about Manuel Quezon

Post On: May 15, 2017
By: Agustina

You will get the interesting information about the Filipino political leader on Facts about Manuel Quezon. He was born on 19 August 1878 and died on 1 August 1944. His full name was Manuel Luis Quezon y Molina Filipino. He was also known as a politician and soldier. In 1935 until 1944, he became the president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines. He broke the record as the first Filipino head of state who governed all areas in the Philippines. Let me show you other details about this man below:

Facts about Manuel Quezon 1: the second president

Quezon is known as the second president of the Philippines. The first is Emilio Aguinaldo.

Facts about Manuel Quezon 2: a national election

Quezon was the first president of the Philippines who earned the office through the national election. He also won the second term for the presidential office. After the amendments of 1935 Constitution, his presidency was extended.

Facts about Manuel Quezon

Facts about Manuel Quezon

Facts about Manuel Quezon 3: title

Quezon earned the title as the Father of The National Language for he founded National Language Institute after pushing Commonwealth Act No.184.

Facts about Manuel Quezon 4: policies

A number of policies have been introduced by Quezon during his presidency. He dealt with the landless peasants who settled in the countryside area. The government reorganization was also approved by Quezon during his presidency. He was against the corruption, which took place in the government.

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Facts about Manuel Quezon 5: a government-in-exile

In United States, Quezon arranged a government-in-exile due to the threat of Japanese invasion toward the Philippines.

Manuel Quezon Image

Manuel Quezon Image

Facts about Manuel Quezon 6: death

Quezon passed away at Sanarac Lake in New York City because of TBC.  He lived in exile in United States.

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Facts about Manuel Quezon 7: the remains

The body of Quezon was buried at Arlington National Cemetery. The remains then were moved to Manila after the Second World War ended.

Facts about Manuel Quezon 8: the resting place

Quezon Memorial Circle houses the final resting for the president.

Manuel Quezon

Manuel Quezon

Facts about Manuel Quezon 9: the birthplace of Quezon

The birthplace of Quezon was located in Baler, El Príncipe. Both of his parents were Spanish-mestizos. His mother was María Dolores Molina, while his father was Lucio Quezon.

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Facts about Manuel Quezon 10: the early occupation

Before he appeared as a president, Quezon was a surveyor and clear. He took the post as a treasurer or fiscal in the government later.

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