10 Facts about Manufacturing

Post On: May 15, 2017
By: Agustina

I will show you the details about the production of merchandise on Facts about Manufacturing. The formulation, biological processing, chemical processing, tools, machine and labor may involve during the manufacturing. This process is not only applied for the industrial production but also for the handicraft production.   The product will be manufactured in large scale. They are created from the raw materials to create the finished goods. The finished goods probably will be purchased again by other manufacturers who employ complex products. Check other facts about manufacturing below:

Facts about Manufacturing 1: the more complex products

The examples of complex products, which involve more than one manufacturing process, include automobiles, furniture, household appliances, aircrafts and sports equipment.

Facts about Manufacturing 2: the beginning of manufacturing process

It seems that product design marks the beginning of manufacturing process. Then the designers have to decide the kinds and specifications of materials.

Facts about Manufacturing

Facts about Manufacturing

Facts about Manufacturing 3: modification

Modification occurred during the process for it should be manufactured to produce the needed part.

Facts about Manufacturing 4: fabrication

The term fabrication is employed by the steel and semiconductor manufacturers to call the manufacturing process.

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Facts about Manufacturing 5: the industries

The industrial and engineering design are mostly related to manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Pictures

Manufacturing Pictures

Facts about Manufacturing 6: the major manufacturers in Asia

Toyota, Bridgestone, Lenovo, Huawei, Samsung and Sony are the major manufacturers in Asia.

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Facts about Manufacturing 7: the major manufacturers in Europe

Siemens, Volskwagen Group and Michelin are the major manufacturers in Europe.

Facts about Manufacturing 8: the major manufacturers in North America

Procter & Gamble, General Electric, General Motors Corporation, Precision Castparts, Pfizer and Boeing are the prominent manufacturers in North America.



Facts about Manufacturing 9: the primary factors

The primary factors, which define the investment and manufacturing, are related to the attractiveness, competitiveness, nature, and sources.

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Facts about Manufacturing 10: the top manufacturing country

According to the total value of manufacturing in US dollar, China took the first place in 2014. It is followed by United States, Japan, Germany and South Korea. Indonesia took the 13th place. In 2016, Australia took the 20th place for the manufacturing production. The 14th, 15th and 16th places were occupied by Spain, Canada and Switzerland. Thailand also made to the list at no 18. On the other hand, the Netherland was located at no.19 as the major manufacturer.

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