10 Facts about Marbella

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Look at Facts about Marbella if you want to know the city in Spain. It is located in province of Malaga, Andalusia. It sits between Strait of Gibraltar and Malaga on the Mediterranean Sea. The municipality spans on the area of 45 square miles or 117 sq km. It was a home for 140,473 people according to a report in 2012. In Malaga, it earns the status as the 2nd most populous city. In Andalusia, it is the eighth most populous city. Let me show you other interesting facts about Marbella below:

Facts about Marbella 1: tourism

Tourism is flourished in Marbella.  The local and international tourists are hypnotized with its amazing infrastructure and climate. Costa del Sol is the famous one.

Facts about Marbella 2: other places of interest

Other places of interest include in Marbella include a cultural calendar, performance space, museum and archeological heritage.  The opera performance and reggae concerts are held in the city.

Facts about Marbella

Facts about Marbella

Facts about Marbella 3: climate

The average temperature in Marbella is around 64 degrees F to 18 degree C for it has macroclimate.

Facts about Marbella 4: the coastal mountains

Cordillera Penibética is the notable coastal mountains in Marbella. The snow usually covers the highest peaks of the mountains.

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Facts about Marbella 5: the nature

Marbella has impressive nature. The central government manages the mountain areas in Marbella.  The nature located around the mountains are protected and preserved. It is a home to various species of flora such as maritime pines, monterrey, Aleppo, reforested firs, cherry trees, ferns, pinyons and chestnut.



Facts about Marbella 6: fauna

Marbella is a home to a number of animal species. The prominent ones include rabbits, foxes, martens, deer, wild goats, badgers, musk cats, genets, hawks, short-toed eagles, golden eagles and falcons.

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Facts about Marbella 7: Dunas de Artola

Dunas de Artola is the Natural Monument site in Marbella. It features the large-fruited juniper, sea daffodils, sea holly and marram grass.

Facts about Marbella 8: the concentration of population

Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara are the primary areas occupied by the population. Other people live on the mountain slopes and coastal areas.

Marbella Facts

Marbella Facts

Facts about Marbella 9: the old town

Marbella is a great place to visit for those who want to learn about history.  You just have to come to the old town where it features the historical suburbs and ancient city walls.

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Facts about Marbella 10: the famous buildings

Marbella is a home to a number of famous buildings such as the Mayor’s house, the Capilla de San Juan de Dios and Plaza de los Naranjos.

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