10 Facts about Marburg Virus

Post On: May 18, 2017
By: Agustina

Check Facts about Marburg Virus if you want to be informed with hemorrhagic fever virus.  It may lead into the development of Marburg virus disease when it affects the nonhuman primates and humans. When a person or a nonhuman primate is infected by the virus, they should be treated in biosafety level 4-equivalent containment. The virus is included in the Risk Group 4 Pathogen. Let us find other facts about Marburg virus below:

Facts about Marburg Virus 1: the classification of NIH in United States

Marburg virus is included in Category A Priority Pathogen according to National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases or NIH in United States.

Facts about Marburg Virus 2: the classification of CDC

Marburg virus earns the status as the Category A Bioterrorism Agent according to Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.

Facts about Marburg virus

Facts about Marburg virus

Facts about Marburg Virus 3: clinical trials

The Ebola and Marburg vaccine had expanded clinical trial in Kampala Uganda in 2009.

Facts about Marburg Virus 4: the first description

In 1967, the first description of Marburg virus was made. In 1960s, the people began to notice on the presence of Marburg after its low level of outbreak in a number of cities in 1960s. The cities affected by the virus included Belgrade, Frankfurt and Marburg.

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Facts about Marburg Virus 5: the death toll

During the outbreaks, seven people died of 31 infected people. They were the German workers infected by the virus from Chlorocebus aethiops or grivet monkeys.

Marburg virus Facts

Marburg virus Facts

Facts about Marburg Virus 6: the name of the virus

The name of the virus is taken from the name of the city in Hesse, Germany called Marburg. The first virus was discovered in the city. The official abbreviation for the virus is MARV.

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Facts about Marburg Virus 7: the first name

In 1967, the virus was introduced using the term Marburg virus.  The term Marburg virus is mostly used in the scientific journals and articles even though the term Lake Victoria marburgvirus has been applied since 2005.

Facts about Marburg Virus 8: the first isolation

The first isolation of Marburg virus was conducted in 2009. It was taken from Rousettus aegyptiacus, Egyptian rousette.

Rousettus egypticus

Rousettus egypticus

Facts about Marburg Virus 9: the role of Egyptian rousette

To find out the exact role of Marburg virus, the scientists should conduct further studies. There is a research, which elaborates the possibility that bats are involved in the ecology of Marburg virus.

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Facts about Marburg Virus 10: biological weapons

MARV was included in the biological weapon programs established by Soviet Union.

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