10 Facts about Marc Anthony

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The famous American singer is explained on Facts about Marc Anthony. He was born on 16th September 1968. His full name is Marco Antonio Muñiz. His stage name is Marc Anthony. He is also known as a TV producer, record producer, actor and songwriter. He is considered as the best selling tropical salsa artist of all time. Let us check other interesting facts about Anthony below:

Facts about Marc Anthony 1: Grammy Award

Do you know that Anthony had sold at least 12 million albums in the world? He has won Latin Grammy award five times and Grammy Award two times.

Facts about Marc Anthony 2: the notable songs of Anthony

The notable works of Anthony are related to Latin ballads and salsa. During his career as a singer, he has earned many recognitions, awards, honors and achievements.

Facts about Marc Anthony

Facts about Marc Anthony

Facts about Marc Anthony 3: Guinness World Record

Anthony was known as the best selling tropical or salsa artist written in Guinness World Record. On the Billboard Tropical Albums charts, he has the most number one albums.

Facts about Marc Anthony 4: the birthplace

The birthplace of Anthony was located in New York City. Both of his parents were from Yauco, Puerto Rico.  Felipe Muñiz was the father of Anthony who worked as a hospital lunchroom worker and musician. On the other hand, his mother was a housewife.

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Facts about Marc Anthony 5: the name of Marc

His parents chose then name Marc Anthony inspired from Marco Antonio Muñiz, a Mexican singer.

Marc Anthony Pic

Marc Anthony Pic

Facts about Marc Anthony 6: the early life

Anthony was raised in East Harlem. He had Roman Catholic upbringing. He was involved in Underground New York house music acts and freestyle vocalist in the beginning of his musical career. He had worked for the Latin Rascals and Menudo as a backing vocalist and songwriter.

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Facts about Marc Anthony 7: “Rebel”

In 1988, Anthony had his debut single under the title “Rebel”. It was a freestyle singe released by Bluedog Records.

Facts about Marc Anthony 8: a salsa musician

At first, Anthony was not interested to be a salsa musician. He changed his mind after hearing “Hasta Que Te Conocí,” on a taxi. It was the hit song of Juan Gabriel.

Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony

Facts about Marc Anthony 9: the Spanish-language debut

In 1993, Otra Nota was debuted by Anthony. It was his first Spanish-language album.

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Facts about Marc Anthony 10: Contra La Coriente

Contra La Coriente was the next album of Anthony which also well received by the audiences.

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