10 Facts about Marc Chagall

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I will show you the interesting information about the famous Russian-French artist on Facts about Marc Chagall. He was born on July 6th, 1887 and died on March 28th, 1985. His full name was Marc Zakharovich Chagall. His birth name was Moishe Zakharovich Shagalov. Chagall was Belarusian Jewish. His artistic works were created in numerous concepts such as fine art prints, tapestries, ceramics, stage sets, stained glass, book illustrations and paintings. Let us find out other interesting facts about Marc Chagall below:

Facts about Marc Chagall 1: a notable Jewish artist

Chagall was known as a notable Jewish artist. In 20th century, he was considered as the quintessential Jewish artist according to Robert Hughes, an art critic.

Facts about Marc Chagall 2: stained glass

Chagall applied stained glass as the main medium in a number of buildings such as the Jerusalem Windows located in Israel, windows for UN and cathedrals for Reims and Metz.

Facts about Marc Chagall

Facts about Marc Chagall

Facts about Marc Chagall 3: Paris Opera

Chagall also took part in the ceiling design of Paris Opera where he applied the paintings in large scale.

Facts about Marc Chagall 4: traveling

Chagall had visited Berlin, Paris and Saint Petersburg prior the First World War.

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Facts about Marc Chagall 5: the inspiration

Chagall drew an inspiration from folk culture of Eastern European Jewish to combine with the modern art design and style.

Marc Chagall 1912

Marc Chagall 1912

Facts about Marc Chagall 6: Soviet Belarus

Chagall was in Soviet Belarus during the wartime’s period where he appeared as one of the notable artists in the country.  Before he relocated to Paris in 1922, he had established Vitebsk Arts College.

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Facts about Marc Chagall 7: reputations

Chagall earned two major reputations. He was known as a prominent Jewish artist.  People also recognized him as major modernist artist. When he was in Paris, the golden age of modernism took place.

Facts about Marc Chagall 8: the birthplace

The birthplace of Chagall was located in Liozna, Vitebsk. His birth name was Moishe Segal.  More than 50 percent of the people who lived in Vitebsk were Jewish.

Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall

Facts about Marc Chagall 9: parents

His mother was a grocery seller named Feige-Ite. His father was Khatskl Shagal. His father only got 20 roubles by carrying heavy barrels. The early life of Chagall was noted from My Life, his autobiography.

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Facts about Marc Chagall 10: the widespread recognition

The artworks of Chagall earned a widespread recognition by 1946. The audiences were served with the changes of his artworks for the last 40 years of his career in an exhibition conducted by Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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