10 Facts about March Madness

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Facts about March Madness talk about the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament. That is the informal name of the game. The March madness is launched in US in spring. The primary goal of this tournament is to find the national championship. The number of teams participated in the events are 68. National Association of Basketball Coaches established the event in 1939. Harold Olsen coined the idea to create this tournament. He was the coach from Ohio State University. Let us get other interesting facts about March Madness below:

Facts about March Madness 1: the popularity

March Madness is one of the most popular sporting events held in United States. Most games are played in March.

Facts about March Madness 2: the teams

The teams which play in March Madness consist of the winners from 32 Division I conferences.  Other participants are the 36 teams selected by the committee of NCAA.

Facts about March Madness

Facts about March Madness

Facts about March Madness 3: division

All teams will be divided in 4 divisions according to the region.  The rank is available for 1 to 16 according to the region.

Facts about March Madness 4: the Final Four

The most interesting game is the Final Four. It usually takes place in the 1st weekend in April.

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Facts about March Madness 5: the regions

The four regions used to divide the team in March Madness are the West, Midwest, South and East.

March Madness Facts

March Madness Facts

Facts about March Madness 6: television

Since 1969, the games have been broadcasted on TV. NCAA March Madness is the trade name of the games aired by truTV, TNT, TBS and CBS.

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Facts about March Madness 7: the national and international broadcasting

The games of March Madness have been aired in national and international television since 2011. In the international world, Canada and the Philippines air it.

Facts about March Madness 8: the popularity

Today, March Madness is among the popular sporting events in United States due to the grown coverage by the media.

March Madness Pictures

March Madness Pictures

Facts about March Madness 9: the most record

The most record of men’s division I basketball championship is taken by UCLA with 11 national titles. 10 of its title were under the coach of John Wooden.

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Facts about March Madness 10: the second most record

The second most record of winning the tournament is taken by University of Kentucky. It has eight national titles.

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