10 Facts about Marching Band

Post On: May 21, 2017
By: Agustina
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I will show you the interesting Facts about Marching Band in the below post. If you like music, you need to enjoy a marching band. It provides the people with a unique type of music. It is performed by a group, which consists of instrumental musicians. They perform the instruments while marching. Marching band performs for two primary reasons. They want to compete or entertain the spectators. Let me show you other interesting facts about marching band below:

Facts about Marching Band 1: the musical instruments

The types of musical instruments in marching bands include percussion, woodwind and brass.

Facts about Marching Band 2: costumes

When marching band performs, their members always wear the similar uniforms. Most of the costumes reflect the military style. It features the symbol, name, or color of an institution, school or organization.

Facts about Marching Band

Facts about Marching Band

Facts about Marching Band 3: visual interpretation

The visual interpretation is added in a marching band to make the performance more interesting. Therefore, marching band also uses rifles, flags and properties.

Facts about Marching Band 4: the categories

The categories of marching band are divided according to the instrument, style of performance, gender, age, size and function.

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Facts about Marching Band 5: events

In most cases, marching bands are performing on the traditional parades.  However, you can also spot them in marching band competitions, field shows and sporting events.

Marching Band Facts

Marching Band Facts

Facts about Marching Band 6: the indoor concerts

Today, it is common to spot indoor concerts of marching bands. They may perform the traditions or songs.

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Facts about Marching Band 7: the history of marching bands

The first marching bands in the world were the military corps or military bands. The percussion, woodwinds and brass were the general types of instruments in the marching band.

Facts about Marching Band 8: the type of marching

The marching bands have consistent straight line with a forward direction. The steady marching of the band is facilitated with a constant tempo at 120 to 140 BPM.

Marching Band Pictures

Marching Band Pictures

Facts about Marching Band 9: the military marching band today

The number of military marching bands today is limited because of a lack of military personnel, competitions and appreciation.

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Facts about Marching Band 10:  Latin American countries

The Latin American countries like Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia have strong military traditions. The primary military band for school in Venezuela and Ecuador are the crops of drums.

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