10 Facts about Marcia Baldwin

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Facts about Marcia Baldwin tell the readers about the famous artist. She focuses more on the usage of color to define her art. The colorful look is spotted in her artworks for she applies soft textures and vibrant tones. Baldwin likes to use oil paints for her own reasons. She states that she loves for its buttery texture, smell, various tints, and fluid movement of oil paint. Let us find out other interesting facts about Baldwin below:

Facts about Marcia Baldwin 1: career

Baldwin is not only an artist but also a teacher and designer. She followed training in fine art. Due to her practice and patience, she appears as one of the prominent artists in the world.

Facts about Marcia Baldwin 2: the portfolio of Baldwin

She gains inspiration from flowers and animals to create her impressive artworks. The famous theme of her work is related to horse. She applies the impressionist and abstract combination.

Marcia Baldwin Facts

Marcia Baldwin Facts

Facts about Marcia Baldwin 3: colors

Baldwin uses various colors in her work.  The art is colorful, vibrant and lush. She draws the color inspiration from Louisiana, her hometown.

Facts about Marcia Baldwin 4: the full spectrum

Baldwin states that she applies full spectrum to create her artworks.  However, black is never applied by Baldwin. To create a color, which resembles black, she combines many dark tones.

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Facts about Marcia Baldwin 5: creativity

Baldwin also has another creative work. She likes photography. She tried to restore her old pictures by opening a photo studio.

Marcia Baldwin Pic

Marcia Baldwin Pic

Facts about Marcia Baldwin 6: the types of paintings

The types of paintings that Baldwin likes include gouache, watercolor painting and pastel painting.

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Facts about Marcia Baldwin 7: occupations

Baldwin has tried a number of occupations. She is known as an art teacher, advertising designer, photographic artist and art consultant.

Facts about Marcia Baldwin 8: the education

In 1970s and 1980s, Baldwin earned a BFA and MFA respectively. She had been trained in fine art.

Marcia Baldwin

Marcia Baldwin

Facts about Marcia Baldwin 9: nature

Nature is the biggest inspiration for her works. The oaks, pine trees, lakes, birds, squirrels, and wildflowers.

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Facts about Marcia Baldwin 10: Florida

Baldwin also likes Florida. She considers it as a pretty state. She is impressed with the beauty of nature and tries to apply it in her art.  She wants other people to perceive the beauty of the state and nation through her paintings and artworks.

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