10 Facts about Marcus Aurelius

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I will show you the important Facts about Marcus Aurelius in the following post. In 161 until 180, he became the Emperor of Rome. He was born on April 26th, 121. He died on March 17th, 180 AD. His Latin name was Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus. In 161, Aurelius became the co-emperor with Lucius Verus. In 169, Verus died and he appeared as the sole ruler. Aurelius was included in Five Good Emperors. He was last member. Let us find out other interesting facts about Marcus Aurelius below:

Facts about Marcus Aurelius 1: Stoic philosophy

Stoic philosophy was an ancient product. The people today have the insight related to this philosophy from the writings of Aurelius for he was a practitioner of Stoicism.

Facts about Marcus Aurelius 2: the work of Aurelius

The work of Aurelius related to Stoicism is considered as one of the most notable writings in philosophy.

Facts about Marcus Aurelius

Facts about Marcus Aurelius

Facts about Marcus Aurelius 3: the battle

Aurelius engaged in a number of battles during his reign. He was capable to defeat Parthian Empire. During the Marcomannic Wars, his troops earned the victory over the Sarmatians, Quadi and Marcomanni. However, his empire had to deal with the Germanic people who tried to shaken his reign.

Facts about Marcus Aurelius 4: a revolt

During his reign, Aurelius had to deal with a revolt too. He was capable to suppress the revolt led by Avidius Cassius.

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Facts about Marcus Aurelius 5: Aurelius’ Meditations

One of his best works was Aurelius’ Meditations. He wrote it between 170 and 180 when he was on a campaign in Greece.

Marcus Aurelius Coins

Marcus Aurelius Coins

Facts about Marcus Aurelius 6: the life and rule of Aurelius

Many sources described the reign and life of Aurelius. However, most of them are not reliable. The accurate one was written by Marius Maximus or Ignotus. However, the works are lost today.

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Facts about Marcus Aurelius 7: the family of Marcus

In the end of the first century AD, his family appeared as a respectable and influential one. Marcus was a great-grandchild of Marcus Annius Verus (I), a senator.

Facts about Marcus Aurelius 8: the reign

Hadrian died because of a hemorrhage in 136. The intended father-in-law of Marcus Lucius Ceionius Commodus served as the next ruler. Marcus was adopted as his son.  However, he became ill before giving his first speech to the senate and died in the later day.

Marcus Aurelius Facts

Marcus Aurelius Facts

Facts about Marcus Aurelius 9: Aurelius Antoninus

Aurelius Antoninus then was appointed as the successor of Hadrian on January 24th, 138 AD.  Marcus and Lucius Verus were adopted as his sons.

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Facts about Marcus Aurelius 10: as emperor

Marcus became the sole emperor after the death of Antoninus Pius. His named was changed into Augustus.

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